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Lowest MUGA Scan Cost in India!
Lowest MUGA Scan Cost in India!

The full form of MUGA Scan is a Multiple-gated Acquisition Scan or Multi-gated Acquisition Scan. MUGA Scan is a nuclear imaging test done to examine the abnormalities in the wall of the ventricles and to measure the movement of blood through the heart.

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MUGA Scan Cost in India and Labs Details

Below is the list of cities providing MUGA scans in India, please click on the link of the specific city you want and you can see all the labs near you and book online.

You can also select the time slot suitable for you for your MUGA scan. Click on the suitable link below to book any time of the day or night.

MUGA Scan Labs & Book AppointmentPrice starting from
MUGA Scan Price in Delhi₹4750
MUGA Scan Price in Gurgaon₹4750
MUGA Scan Price in Thane₹5225
MUGA Scan Price in Mumbai₹5225
MUGA Scan Price in Other Indian Cities₹4750

Currently, we are unable to offer Muga scan in certain cities. Apologies!

Frequently Asked Questions About MUGA Scan

What is a MUGA Scan?

The full form of MUGA Scan is a Multiple-gated Acquisition Scan or Multi-gated Acquisition Scan. MUGA Scan is a nuclear imaging test done to examine the abnormalities in the wall of the ventricles and to measure the movement of blood through the heart.

MUGA Scan is done at two positions when you are at rest (resting) and doing some exercise (stress) to measure how well your heart pumps at every heartbeat. 

People with cancer are advised to take the MUGA scan before undergoing Chemotherapy to check the existing condition of the heart. Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer using some chemical substances and drugs. The use of drugs can cause heart failure. MUGA scan is the most accurate scan to diagnose the heart damage.

Uses of MUGA Scan - India
Uses of MUGA Scan – India

Who should take a MUGA Scan?

Your doctor may recommend you take a MUGA Scan when you have the following problems

  • Chest pain
  • Breathing trouble
  • Frequent dizziness
  • Heart failure (diagnosed in ECG)

Your doctor may also ask you to take this scan before or after undergoing Chemotherapy.

Who shouldn’t take a MUGA Scan?

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are not allowed to take a MUGA Scan as the radiation used in the test cause harm to the developing baby or it may pass to the baby through milk.

What happens in a MUGA Scan?

Before the Scan:

The technician will ask you to lie on a table and remain still during the test. He will take a sample of blood, mixes it with a radionuclide, and inject it into your vein. Radionuclide (tracer or dye) is a radioactive material that binds with your red blood cells to show the movement of blood in the heart.

He will also place the small pads or electrodes on your chest connected to an electrocardiograph to track your heartbeat during the scan. A small camera called Gamma camera which uses gamma rays will be fixed above the chest to track the tracer.

During the Scan:

Gamma camera captures the images of your heart as the tracer moves through the blood and sends them to the computer. The pictures will be taken from different angles to get a clear idea of how well your heart is pumping the blood.

Sometimes the radiologist may ask you to pedal which will be attached to the table to check how your heart responds to the exercise (stress). The images produced helps the radiologist in preparing the report.

It usually takes 1 to 3 hours to complete the MUGA Scan. Sometimes it also depends on the number of images required.

MUGA Scan Procedure
MUGA Scan Procedure – India

Is there any preparation required before the scan?

This scan does not require any special preparation. You can have your usual diet. Only if the scan includes some stress or exercise, then you should keep fasting for 3 to 4 hours before it.

You have to wear a gown given in the lab. During the scan, wearing any jewelry or objects with metallic content.

What can I expect from the MUGA Scan?

MUGA Scan helps to measure the amount of blood pumped through your ventricles. If the result obtained is lower than 50%, then your doctor may recommend you to do some follow-up tests for further diagnosis and sometimes prescribe you some medications.

Is there any risk of taking a MUGA Scan?

MUGA Scan is non-invasive and a painless procedure. There is no adverse effect but sometimes exposure to radiation may cause some allergy in the injected area. The radioactive material injected gets excreted through the urine within 1 or 2 days.

How long does it take to get the result?

It usually takes at least a day for the radiologist to analyze your images and prepare the report. Your doctor will receive the report from him and then call you for a discussion.

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