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You can also view the price of CT scan, MRI scan, X ray and other pathology tests in both Whitefield branch and HSR Layout branch of Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore in the table below.

CT Scan Price in Narayana Hrudayalaya

Exclusively view all the CT scan price in Narayana Hrudayalaya in the table below.

Note: Call us at 09811166231 to know the updated CT scan price in Narayana Health, as the price in the table may vary.

CT Scan StudyDiscounted Price in WhitefieldDiscounted Price in HSR Layout
Coronary Calcium Scan₹ 3,347₹ 3,284
CT Coronary Angiography₹ 10,860₹ 11,886
CT Scan Abdomen Angiography₹ 7,820₹ 8,216
CT Scan Abdomen Dual Phase₹ 9,844₹ 10,341
CT Scan Angiography Chest₹ 8,602₹ 9,034
CT Scan Angiography Neck₹ 9,200₹ 9,660
CT Scan Ankle₹ 5,083₹ 4,977
CT Scan Aortogram₹ 10,488₹ 11,012
CT Scan Brain₹ 3,000₹ 3,386
CT Scan Brain Angiography₹ 7,840₹ 8,841
CT Scan Brain With Orbit Contrast₹ 3,680₹ 3,864
CT Scan Brain With PNS₹ 5,152₹ 3,864
CT Scan Chest₹ 5,520₹ 5,410
CT Scan Chest Contrast₹ 7,487₹ 6,569
CT Scan Chest With Abdomen₹ 9,660₹ 10,148
CT Scan Chest With Abdomen Contrast₹ 13,191₹ 12,944
CT Scan Chest With Neck₹ 5,359₹ 6,182
CT Scan Cisternography₹ 7,636₹ 8,022
CT Scan CV Junction₹ 3,128₹ 3,284
CT Scan Face₹ 3,553₹ 3,478
CT Scan Guided FNAC₹ 4,324₹ 4,545
CT Scan Hip Joint₹ 5,244₹ 5,511
CT Scan KUB₹ 5,359₹ 5,318
CT Scan KUB Contrast₹ 6,463₹ 6,670
CT Scan Lower Abdomen₹ 5,140₹ 5,796
CT Scan Lower Abdomen Contrast₹ 6,990₹ 7,967
CT Scan Lower Limb Angiography₹ 8,740₹ 9,182
CT Scan Neck₹ 3,864₹ 4,057
CT Scan Neck Contrast₹ 4,876₹ 5,124
CT Scan Neck With Chest₹ 5,359₹ 6,182
CT Scan Neck with Chest Contrast₹ 7,487₹ 7,342
CT Scan Orbit₹ 3,128₹ 3,284
CT Scan Orbit Contrast₹ 4,876₹ 5,124
CT Scan Pelvis₹ ,3680₹ 4,444
CT Scan Pituitary₹ 2,576₹ 2,705
CT Scan PNS₹ 3,324₹ 3,340
CT Scan PNS Axial And Coronal with Contrast₹ 4,876₹ 5,124
CT Scan Pulmonary Angiography₹ 11,810₹ 11,592
CT Scan Renal Angiography₹ 8,740₹ 9,182
CT Scan S I Joint₹ 3,128₹ 3,284
CT Scan Shoulder₹ 3,864₹ 4,057
CT Scan Spine Cervical₹ 3,795₹ 3,754
CT Scan Spine Dorsal₹ 4,554₹ 4,784
CT Scan Spine Lumbar₹ 5,520₹ 5,796
CT Scan Temporal Bone₹ 4,186₹ 4,158
CT Scan Thigh₹ 4,232₹ 4,444
CT Scan Thigh Contrast₹ 6,532₹ 6,863
CT Scan Upper Abdomen₹ 3,347₹ 3,284
CT Scan Upper Limb Angiography₹ 9,338₹ 9,853
CT Scan Whole Abdomen₹ 5,451₹ 5,364
CT Scan Whole Abdomen Contrast₹ 7,970₹ 7,967

If you want to know other CT scan price in Naryana Hrudayalaya Hospital, call us at 09811166231.

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Narayana Hrudayalaya.

MRI Scan Price in Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore

Exclusively view the price of your MRI study in Narayana Multi specialty Hospital, Whitefield in the table below.

Note: To know the updated MRI scan price in Narayana Hrudayalaya, call us at 09811166231.

MRI Scan StudyDiscounted Price in Whitefield
Brachial Plexus MRI₹ 6,440
Cardiac MRI₹ 10,488
MRCP₹ 8,670
MRI Femur₹ 6,808
MRI Finger₹ 7,452
MRI Heel₹ 6,808
MRI ls Spine₹ 6,693
MRI Pelvis₹ 7,130
MRI Scan Abdomen Lower₹ 7,130
MRI Scan Angiography Aorta₹ 8,188
MRI Scan Angiography Brain₹ 8,372
MRI Scan Angiography Brain Without Contrast₹ 5,865
MRI Scan Angiography Neck₹ 6,693
MRI Scan Angiography Per Part₹ 3,860
MRI Scan Angiography Venogram₹ 8,648
MRI Scan Angiography Venogram Without Contrast₹ 6,716
MRI Scan Ankle Contrast₹ 8,280
MRI Scan Ankle Joint₹ 6,992
MRI Scan Ankle Joint Both₹ 13984
MRI Scan Brachial Plexus Contrast₹ 8,648
MRI Scan Brain₹ 7,843
MRI Scan Brain Contrast₹ 10,442
MRI Scan Brain Screening₹ 3,289
MRI Scan Brain Venography₹ 4,623
MRI Scan Breast₹ 8,280
MRI Scan Breast Contrast₹ 11,960
MRI Scan Cardiac Contrast₹ 12,604
MRI Scan Chest₹ 7,291
MRI Scan Chest Contrast₹ 8,648
MRI Scan Elbow Joint₹ 6,992
MRI Scan Fistulogram₹ 7,452
MRI Scan Foot₹ 6,532
MRI Scan Forearm₹ 6,532
MRI Scan Hand₹ 6,992
MRI Scan Hip Joint₹ 9,936
MRI Scan Knee Joint₹ 6,992
MRI Scan Knee Joint Both₹ 13,984
MRI Scan Knee Joint Both Contrast₹ 16,560
MRI Scan Knee Joint Contrast₹ 8,280
MRI Scan Leg₹ 6,532
MRI Scan Lower Abdomen Contrast₹ 8,648
MRI Scan Neck Contrast₹ 8,648
MRI Scan Orbit₹ 6,808
MRI Scan Orbit Contrast₹ 8,648
MRI Scan Pelvis Contrast₹ 8,648
MRI Scan Pituitary₹ 8,280
MRI Scan PNS₹ 6,808
MRI Scan Prostate₹ 8,280
MRI Scan S I Joint₹ 6,992
MRI Scan S I Joint Contrast₹ 8,280
MRI Scan S I Joint Screening Bilateral₹ 14,812
MRI Scan Shoulder Contrast₹ 8,280
MRI Scan Shoulder Joint₹ 6,532
MRI Scan Shoulder Joint Both₹ 13,064
MRI Scan Shoulder Joint Both Contrast₹ 16,560
MRI Scan Shoulder Joint Contrast₹ 8,280
MRI Scan Spectroscopy₹ 3,404
MRI Scan Spine Cervical₹ 7,291
MRI Scan Spine Cervical Contrast₹ 8,280
MRI Scan Spine Cervical Screening₹ 4,612
MRI Scan Spine Dorsal₹ 6,693
MRI Scan Spine Dorsal Contrast₹ 9,292
MRI Scan Spine Lumbar Contrast₹ 8,280
MRI Scan Spine Whole₹ 12,328
MRI Scan Spine Whole Screening₹ 5,417
MRI Scan T M Joint₹ 7,452
MRI Scan T M Joint Contrast₹ 11,960
MRI Scan Thigh₹ 6,808
MRI Scan Thumb₹ 7,452
MRI Scan Tibia₹ 7,452
MRI Scan Toe₹ 7,452
MRI Scan Tongue₹ 7,452
MRI Scan upper Abdomen₹ 6,693
MRI Scan Upper Abdomen Contrast₹ 8,648
MRI Scan Urography₹ 2,852
MRI Scan Whole Abdomen₹ 15,640
MRI Scan Whole Abdomen Contrast₹ 8,648
MRI Scan Wrist₹ 6,532
MRI Scan Wrist Both₹ 13,064
MRI Scan Wrist Contrast₹ 8,280
Neck MRI₹ 7,291

Call us at 09811166231 to know the price of other MRI Studies in Narayana Hospital, Whitefield.

X Ray Price in Narayana Hospital

View various X ray cost in Narayana Hospital in the table below.

Note: Call us at 09811166231 to know the updated price of your X Ray study, as the cost mentioned in the table may vary.

X Ray StudyDiscounted Price in WhitefieldDiscounted Price in HSR Layout
X Ray MCU₹ 1,357₹ 1,160
X Ray RGU₹ 1,357₹ 1,160
X Ray Ivp₹ 2,240₹ 2,705
X Ray Chest AP View₹ 400₹ 414
X Ray Chest For Ribs₹ 242₹ 248
X Ray Chest PA View₹ 280₹ 294
X Ray Knee AP View₹ 391₹ 331
X Ray Knee Lateral View₹ 391₹ 331
X Ray Knee AP and Lateral View₹ 495₹ 460
X Ray Lumbar Spine AP View₹ 391₹ 414
X Ray Lumbar Spine Lateral View₹ 380₹ 340
X Ray Lumbar Spine Lateral and AP View₹ 518₹ 396

Call us at 09811166231 to know price of other X ray study and to book appointment in Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore.

USG / Ultrasound Price in Narayana Health, Bangalore

Exclusively view your Doppler and USG / Ultrasound scan cost in Narayana Health, Whitefield.

Note: The price mentioned in the table may vary. To know the most updated price of your usg scan, call us at 09811166231.

Doppler / Ultrasound StudyDiscounted Price in Whitefield
DOPPLER Both Limb Arterial₹ 4,255
DOPPLER Both Limb Venous₹ 3,220
DOPPLER Eye₹ 1,035
DOPPLER Obstetric₹ 3,220
DOPPLER Pelvis₹ 3,680
DOPPLER Single Limb Venous₹ 1,955
Ultrasound Breast Both₹ 1,265
Ultrasound Breast Single₹ 1,150
Ultrasound Chest₹ 1,150
Ultrasound Follicular Study Multiple Visit₹ 2,645
Ultrasound Follicular Study Single Visit₹ 2,415
Ultrasound Guided Biopsy₹ 2,645
Ultrasound Guided Fnac₹ 2,128
Ultrasound KUB₹ 1,472
Ultrasound Level 2₹ 2,070
Ultrasound Lower Abdomen₹ 1,058
Ultrasound Musculoskeletal₹ 690
Ultrasound Neck₹ 1,265
Ultrasound Obstetrics₹ 1,840
Ultrasound Pelvis₹ 1,690
Ultrasound Prostate₹ 1,035
Ultrasound Scrotum₹ 1,265
Ultrasound Small Parts₹ 1,771
Ultrasound Thigh₹ 1,323
Ultrasound Thyroid₹ 1,564
Ultrasound Trus₹ 1,587
Ultrasound Tvs₹ 1,426
Ultrasound Upper Abdomen₹ 1,058
Ultrasound Whole Abdomen₹ 1,990
If you want to know the other Doppler / USG price in Narayana Hospital and to book appointment, call us at 09811166231.

Pathology Tests Cost in Narayana Hospital

Exclusively view various Pathology tests cost offered in Narayana Hospital in both Whitefield and HSR layout branch.

Note: To know the updated price of pathology tests in Narayana Hospital, call us at 09811166231 as the price mentioned in the table may vary.

Pathology TestsDiscounted Price in WhitefieldDiscounted Price in HSR Layout
Liver Function Test (LFT)₹ 1,035₹ 1,047
HBA1C₹ 770₹ 793
TSH₹ 472₹ 441
Serum Creatinine₹ 207₹ 196
Lipid Profile Test₹ 978₹ 1,047
Beta HCG₹ 817₹ 832
HCV₹ 1,392₹ 1,497
VDRL – Serum₹ 196₹ 196
CBC₹ 334₹ 363
LDH₹ 426₹ 402
Blood Culture Test₹ 1,173₹ 1,145
Urine Culture Test₹ 725₹ 695
PAP Smear₹ 483₹ 489
Amylase Test₹ 310₹ 352
ESR₹ 150₹ 137
Platelet Count₹ 173₹ 176
Reticulocyte Count₹ 207₹ 206
PT INR₹ 472₹ 460
ALP Test₹ 230₹ 216
RA Factor₹ 380₹ 372
Semen Analysis₹ 391₹ 382
HIV₹ 759₹ 832

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View various medical tests price in Narayana Health in both whitefield and HSR layout braches in Bangalore only on LabsAdvisor.com.
Narayana Health.

About Narayana Health

Narayana Health which was previously called Narayana Hrudayalaya operates a network of hospital across the country with its headquarters in Bangalore.

At present Narayana Health has a vast network of 23 hospitals, 7 exclusive heart centres and 19 primary care facilities across India. Apart from this, the NH also operates an international hospital in Cayman Islands.

Narayana Health is specialized in cardiology, cancer care, neurology, orthopaedics, urology, gastroenterology, etc.

The ultimate goal of Narayana Health is to deliver affordable healthcare at high quality to the broader population in India.

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