2018 Best MRI Scan Centres in Delhi – Complete Information and Booking Details

MRI Scan Centers in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida

In this article we want to provide you information about the top MRI Scan Centres in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. We work with each one of them and can help you decide which centre is the best for the specific MRI requirement that you may have.

You will not only get the complete information that you need, you will also get a discounted rate which we have specially negotiated with these centres for our customers. You can call us now on 09811166231 to get information on phone or read on about the best MRI centres below.

Please note that the choice of MRI centre depends on multiple things. Location of the centre is very important. Whether the centre has a 3 tesla machine or a 1.5 tesla machine will become important if your doctor has specifically asked for 3 Tesla MRI.

We believe that if the centre is NABH accredited, that adds another layer of confidence to the patients. If you are claustrophobic (fear closed spaces), then you may need a centre that has an open MRI. Deciding the right centre, of course also depends on the cost of the MRI being offered. The owner of the centre is very important as their personal touch can make a huge difference to how an MRI centre is run. If this all seems daunting, do not worry. We have made the choice easy for you. We are providing all the relevant information below and are just a call away to help you out.

What are the best MRI Scan Centers in Delhi NCR?

The best MRI Scan Centres in Delhi NCR are listed below:

  1. Mahajan Imaging, Hauz Khas, South Delhi
  2. Dr Madhu MRI, Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar, Delhi
  3. N2 Imaging, Aurobindo Road
  4. Suneja MRI, Asaf Ali Road, Central Delhi
  5. Mahajan Imaging, Defence Colony, South Delhi
  6. B. R. Diagnostics, Greater Kailash, South Delhi
  7. City X Ray, Tilak Nagar, West Delhi
  8. Suraksha Diagnostics, Janak Puri, West Delhi
  9. Kohli Imaging, East of Kailash
  10. City X Ray, Dwarka
  11. Mahajan Imaging, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon
Best MRI Centres in Delhi / NCR
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MRI Scan Centre 1: Mahajan Imaging, Hauz Khas, South Delhi

Mahajan Imaging is perhaps the most well reputed MRI Scan centre in Delhi. Mahajan Imaging is one of the pioneers in bringing the MRI scan machines to India in 1991. Dr. Harsh Mahajan, MD of Mahajan Imaging is a leading radiologist that Delhi has produced.

At Hauz Khas centre of Mahajan Imaging, you will access to 1.5 Tesla GE MRI machine. This machine is capable of performing simple MRI scans efficiently and can also perform more advanced scans like MRI Cardiac, Functional MRI (fMRI), Diffusion MRI, MR Angiography, MRI Spectroscopy, MRI Defecography and MRI Mammography.

At this Hauz Khas Centre, an Open Standing MRI is also available. Many people opt for Open MRI because they are scared of closed MRI machines. However, this Open MRI machine is also very suitable for MRI of spine and other structural elements. Since this MRI machine required a person to be in a standing position while the MRI is conducted, the spine or the other structural elements like knee and ankle bear the body weight. This is similar to how a spine or a knee would bear weight in the real world. Hence, the MRI image quality is better and it better represents the problem that is being diagnosed.

Click here to know more about Mahajan Imaging in Hauz Khas Enclave: MRI Scan Centre in South Delhi – Mahajan Imaging, Hauz Khas Enclave 

Want to book at medical test at Mahajan Imaging at discounted rate? Check here: Mahajan Imaging Medical Test Booking.

MRI Scan Centre 2: Mahajan Imaging, Defence Colony, South Delhi

After the continued success of serving their customers in Hauz Khas, Mahajan Imaging decided to open an MRI facility in Defence Colony too. This centre has a 3 Tesla MRI machine which can generate much better images of many MRI scans as compared to 1.5 tesla machine. The MRI machine room has a very soothing feel with wall painting especially designed to give a sense of relaxation to the patients.

MRI Scan Centre 3: B. R. Diagnostics, Greater Kailash, South Delhi

This MRI Center in South Delhi was set up in late 1990s and is run by senior radiologist Dr. Rahul Sachdev. Dr Sachdev is an MBBS from KEM College, Mumbai and holds an MD in radiology. We like this centre because the owner is himself a radiologist. This gives an additional layer of sophistication and thoroughness to the reporting. The centre has a 1.5 Tesla Digital MRI machine.

To book your MRI at B.R. Diagnostics at 50% discount on the market rate, give us a call at 09811166231.

MRI Scan Centre 4: N2 Imaging, Aurobindo Marg

This MRI Scan center, located near AIIMS, is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its location near the key hospitals like AIIMS and Safdarjung is an advantage for those who use these hospitals for consultation. Set up in 2011, N2 Imaging has an advanced 3 Tesla MRI machine. While the market price of 3 Tesla MRI is generally ₹7000, you can book your MRI at just ₹4300 through us at N2 Imaging.

MRI Scan Centre 5: Janta X-Ray, Aurobindo Marg

This MRI centre of Janta X Ray is located in the heart of South Delhi. It is close to hospitals like AIIMS and Safdarjung. While the centre was started many years ago, it has been refurbished recently. The centre was earlier run under the brand of Star Imaging but is now called Janta X Ray to cement its positioning as a provider of quality radiology services at affordable cost.

Janta X Ray has a 1.5 Tesla MRI machine. The market price of general MRI scans offered by this center is between ₹5000 to ₹6000 but through us you can book your MRI scan at a much lower price of ₹3000 only.

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MRI Scan Centre 6: City X Ray, Tilak Nagar, West Delhi

Set up in 1993, this MRI Scan centre is one of the most famous centres catering to customers in West Delhi. We like this center as it is run by a doctor radiologist. Dr. Kapoor, who is the Chairman, holds his MD in Radiology from Maulana Azad Medical College in Delhi. This MRI Centre is NABH certified which is one the most important certifications of quality work that a radiology center can hold in India.

This center of City X Ray has a 3 Tesla MRI machine. This is an advanced Siemens machine which takes the comfort of the patient to a new level with low noise and ability to talk to the radiologist while in the MRI machine. Recently, we have started working with City X Ray and you can get upto 50% discount on MRI Scans at City X Ray booked through us. We offer 3 Tesla MRI at City X Ray for just ₹3500, and you can book here.

MRI Scan Centre 7: Suraksha Diagnostics, Janak Puri, West Delhi

Suraksha Diagnostics is a Kolkata headquarters MRI Centre chain that started its operations in Delhi two years ago. Their centre in Janak Puri is a newly refurbished centre with modern amenities. Its location near a metro station is an added advantage. The centre has a 1.5 tesla MRI machine and do a good job in radiology related services. We work with them since the last 1 year and have heard good feedback from the patients. To book your MRI here, call us to get the lowest MRI cost in Delhi NCR for certain MRI Scans at just ₹2500.

MRI Scan Centre 8: Suraksha Diagnostics, Karkardooma, North Delhi

The diagnostic chain runs an MRI Scan centre in North Delhi too. This centre also has a 1.5 Tesla MRI machine. Our customers can book MRI Scans at Suraksha Diagnostics Karkardooma centre too through us.

MRI Scan Centre 9: Vatika Medicare, Hauz Khas

Vatika Imaging is located close to AIIMS and Safdarjung hospitals. This centre was recently acquired by the Vatika group (in 2014) whose main interest is in construction and hospitality. Earlier this centre was called HealthMap Diagnostics. The centre is well maintained and has some parking too. The centre has a 1.5 Tesla MRI Machine.

MRI Scan Centre 10: Advance Diagnostics, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

Advance Diagnostic on Sohna Road near Badshahpur in Gurgaon, was set up in 2010. This MRI centres is a boon for our customers in Gurgaon who are claustrophobic. The centre has an Open Reclined MRI machine which can conduct many MRI studies including MRI Brain without the customers having to go in a closed MRI machine. You can book your MRI scan at Advance Diagnostics and Research Centre through us. Give us a call on 08882668822 or check the MRI Scan listing here to choose Advance Diagnostics.

MRI Scan Centre 11: Miracles Mediclinic, Sector 56, Gurgaon

Miracles Mediclinic is a complete services clinic located in the heart of Gurgaon. The centre has a 1.5 tesla wide bore MRI machine. While the MRI machine is a closed MRI machine, the wider bore and special light effects in the MRI room help patients relax. The centre is relatively new and is well maintained. Give us a call on 09811166231 or check the MRI Scan listing here to choose Miracles Mediclinic.

Top MRI Scan Centres in Delhi / NCR
Top MRI Scan Centres in Delhi / NCR

MRI Scan Centre 12: Noida MRI and Diagnostic Centre, Sector 51, Noida

Noida MRI Centre is run by three doctor friends. Since they have a radiologist ownership, there is an additional scrutiny on the MRI reports before they are given to the patients. Located conveniently for our customers residing in Noida, this centre has an advanced 1.5 Tesla MRI. Give us a call on 09811166231 or check the MRI Scan listing here to choose Noida MRI.

MRI Scan Centre 13: Saral Diagnostics, Pitam Pura, North Delhi

Saral diagnostics was set up in 1984 and since then has made a name for service to residents of West Delhi and North Delhi. This centre has a 1.5 Tesla MRI machine. The centre offers many MRI investigations including MRI Brain, MRI Spine, MRI Knee, MRA, MRI with Contrast and many more.

MRI Scan Centre 14: Suneja MRI, Asaf Ali Road, Central Delhi

Suneja MRI and Diagnostic Centre is one of the older centres in Delhi. It is a blessing for our old Delhi customers as is it located on the busy Asaf Ali Road serving a large catchment area in Old Delhi. We offer MRIs at a reasonable price of ₹2850 at this centre. Give us a call to book your MRI Test.

MRI Scan Centre 15: Dr Madhu MRI, Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar, Delhi

This relatively new MRI centre is run by a doctor couple who are very passionate about giving the best diagnostic care to their patients. The centre boasts of a 3 tesla MRI which a wide bore for the comfort of the patients. If you are looking for superior customer service in the heart of South Delhi, this MRI Centre in South Delhi should be a great option.

Book MRI Scan in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

We have many more centres across Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida that conduct MRIs. We will continue to add more information in this article. We can help you book your MRI at top hospitals too if you would prefer that. We have a tie up with Artemis and Apollo in Gurgaon.

For any kind of MRI Scan in Delhi /NCR, get in touch with us through our call line 09811166231 or our website labsadvisor.com. You can also fill out the form by clicking the button below for a call back.


If you will like to know the cost of mri scan in delhi, check here. For information about MRI Scan, you can check our complete guide to MRI Scans here. For MRI Brain in Delhi, check here. 

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