Detailed Guide to IVP X-Ray in India – Cost of IVP, Procedure, Risks, Results

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In this detailed guide on IVP X Ray test in India, know about the procedure, preparation, risks, benefits and the cost of IVP test in different Indian cities.

Complete Guide to MCU Test in India – Cost, Procedure, Side Effects

Get lowest MCU Test Cost in India

MCU test is a type of x ray performed to check the problems with urinary functions. This test is mostly used for children as they are more susceptible to kidney problems. In this guide, you can check the procedure, benefits, risks, preparation and cost of MCU test in India.

Updated, Discounted Cost of X Rays in Mumbai – Quality Testing, Economical Prices

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There are many different kinds of x rays depending on the organ, view and specific study. In this article you will get the cost of over 50 different kinds of x rays in Mumbai. You may check the market rate and book at discounted rate through You may call us on 09811166231 to make your x ray booking at a lab near you.

A Comprehensive Guide to X-Ray Testing in India and X-Ray Cost

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X Ray tests are an important diagnostic tools for various ailments including bone fracture check. In this complete guide on x ray in India, we cover procedure, risk, types and costs for x rays in India. You can call us on 09811166231 to make your x ray booking in India.