Upto 50% Off on PET Scan Cost in Bangalore – From ₹13,585 Only

Lowest PET CT Scan Cost in Bangalore!
Lowest PET CT Scan Cost in Bangalore!

Positron Emission Tomography (PET CT) scan is an advanced nuclear imaging technique that can detect tumors and cancer in the body. 

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PET CT Scan Price in Bangalore and Lab Details

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Clumax Diagnostics, Jaya Nagar



Clumax Diagnostics, Sadashivanagar



Nueclear Healthcare, Banglore



Nueclear Healthcare, Banglore



Nueclear Healthcare, Banglore



Nueclear Healthcare, Banglore



Narayana Health City, Bommasandra Industrial Estate




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What is a PET Scan?

Positron Emission Tomography scan or PET scan is the latest and the most advanced technology which provides more details apart from just identifying the tumor or other elements depending on the purpose of the PET scan. It also differentiates between cancerous and non-cancerous tumors.

PET scan is often used to identify the right treatment and also monitor the response of the treatment so that necessary steps can be taken by the doctor.

In order to understand the PET CT scan clearly, it would be helpful if we get to know about the CT scan and PET scan.

CT Scan: The scan takes a series of X-rays from all angles and with the help of the computer it makes cross-sectional images of bones, blood vessels, tissues, and organs. Compared to other imaging tests CT scan provides detailed images. CT scan provides anatomic information i.e. the exact structure of the organs or tissues.

PET Scan: The scan provides metabolic information. It gives detailed information as to how the tissues, cells, or organs function.

While PET scan is so advanced in helping the doctors to find the most accurate treatment, it lacks in providing the anatomic information that is provided by the CT scan. PET scan and CT scan were made into one scan i.e. PET CT scan, to overcome this disadvantage and to improve the accuracy of the test results.

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Why is a PET CT scan prescribed?

The full potential of PET CT scan is still being researched and it is possible that major technological improvements will take place with regards to accuracy, uses and much more. PET CT scan is mainly used for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and epilepsy.

Cancer: PET CT scan is very helpful in identifying the areas where cancer has spread, differentiating between cancerous and non-cancerous cells, identifying tumors much earlier than other imaging tests or biopsies, and highly efficient in tracking the progress of treatment and determining the right kind of treatment.

Alzheimer’s disease: In the case of Alzheimer’s disease, the affected brain cells use the glucose in the radiotracer slowly. PET scans provide information for the diagnosis by measuring the intake of glucose by these brain cells.

Heart disease: The scan is also helpful to the doctors to analyze heart disease. The scan shows the parts of the heart that has been scarred or damaged and other problems in the functioning of the heart.

Epilepsy: For patients with epilepsy the scan shows the exact parts of the brain that are affected by epilepsy and helps in determining the most suitable treatment.

How does a PET CT scan work?

A radioactive tracer with glucose is given to the patient orally or inserted by enema or through injection depending upon the necessity.

  • The tracer is taken orally if the stomach is being scanned.
  • If the liver, urinary tract, gallbladder, or blood vessels are to be scanned then the tracer will be injected.
  • To visualize the intestines the contrast material is inserted by enema.

The glucose-containing radioactive tracer is given before the test and the patient is sent under the scanner after an hour. This tracer accumulates in different locations and shows up as hot spots and cold spots in the result.

When a group of cells needs more energy the scan shows it as hot spots and in areas where less energy is required it is seen as a cold spot. The cancer cells are the ones with high activity and they need more energy and these cells need more glucose.

So, the radioactive tracer with glucose accumulates in this area and highlights the cancerous cells as hot spots.

How is a PET CT Scan performed?

PET Scan uses a radioactive tracer to identify abnormalities through a PET CT machine. Radioactive tracer interacts with the PET Scan machines waves to create very detailed vivid images of our body. Most patients will not feel any different once the radioactive material is injected into their bodies before the scan. You may have to wait for some time for the material to get absorbed before the scan is done.

PET Scan machine is round with a big hole in the center. You will have to lie down on a table attached to the machine. The technician will be able to move the table inside the PET CT machine to create the images we mentioned above.

Allow for at least an hour for testing. Some wait time and radioactive absorption time is also there. So overall you may account for three hours in total but usually, you will be free much earlier.

Is there any preparation required before a PET Scan?

For PET Scan you are required to observe a fast of around 10 hours. You may be allowed to drink water before your PET Scan. It is best to speak to the lab before you for your PET Scan to know all the requirements.

Who should avoid PET scans?

  • Mother of a newborn: If you had just given birth you should not do a PET scan because the radioactive tracers that are given to you will affect the newborn when you breastfeed which is very harmful to the baby.
  • Pregnant Women: It is highly advised not to take a PET scan when you are pregnant. Even if you are at a very early stage of pregnancy it will harm the fetus. If you are not sure about your pregnancy to take the Beta HCG test and then you may proceed for a PET scan.
  • Kidney Disease: If you have kidney disease or a high level of creatinine in your body, undergoing a PET scan can be extremely harmful.
  • Allergic or having a Medical condition: Inform your doctor if you are allergic to contrast material, had any illness recently, have a medical condition and if you are claustrophobic.

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