Medical Testing Services and HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Data from India

Get Medical Tests and Anonymised Healthcare Data from India is a leading marketplace for diagnostic tests in India. Through our network of over 200 radiology and pathology labs across the country, we are in a great position to help healthtech startups and healthcare research organisations in their medical tests and medical data needs.

Below we cover the following topics below for the visitor to know about us and our offerings:

  • About LabsAdvisor
  • Sample Case Studies of International Companies Served
  • LabsAdvisor Offerings in Healthcare Data and Services Space

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About LabsAdvisor

LabsAdvisor was started in March 2015, to cater to the unmet need of offering transparency in quality and pricing of diagnostic tests in India. Today, LabsAdvisor has become the leading player in this sector in India with over 200 labs in its portfolio. We do routine blood tests, a wide array of imaging tests (MRI, CT, PET, Nuclear Tests, Dexa, Ultrasound, X Rays), molecular tests and DNA tests.

LabsAdvisor for HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Data

Sample Case Studies of International Companies Served

We are already working with many cutting edge international companies to meet their healthcare data needs. In the images given below, we cover two case studies which will give you a idea of the wide spectrum of healthcare data, services and processing capabilities we offer.

Case Study 1: We sourced over 1000 CT Scans of brain and spine for an AI Startup. There was a requirement of a mix of positive and non positive CT Scans with different views of the brain or spine.

Case Study 1 - CT Scan Sourcing


Case Study 2: We helped a stroke rehabilitation start up in sourcing EEG test subjects, conducting the EEG according to a specific protocol and processing the files to make them client ready. We also assisted the client in choosing a right clinical trial partner in India.

Case Study 2 - EEG Test Data

LabsAdvisor Offerings in Healthcare Data and Services Space

We have been working with leading international health tech companies for the last two years now. Based on our special positioning in the Indian diagnostic space and the our experience working with health tech firms, we can confidently offer the following services:

  • Historical anonymised medical tests data e.g. diabetes test results, liver and kidney function tests and more.
  • Historical anonymised imaging test data e.g. MRI Scans, CT Scans, X Ray, Ultrasound Tests.
  • Clinical Trial support including determination of the right partner and oversight of the process during the trial
  • Analysis and processing of data e.g. conversion of data from one format to another, annotation of imaging files for specific ailmentsLabsAdvisor Offerings for Healthtech Startups

More details of our offerings are given in the image below.

LabsAdvisor Offerings for Healthtech Startups

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