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MRI Scan Price in Chandigarh

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Find MRI Scan Labs, Cost & Book AppointmentDiscounted MRI scan price starting from
MRCP 5000
MRI Scan Ankle 2950
MRI Scan Ankle Joint Both 5450
MRI Scan Ankle Joint Contrast 4950
MRI Scan Ankle Joint Both Contrast 6950
MRI Scan Brain  3250
MRI Scan Brain Contrast  4950
MRI Scan Breast 3000
MRI Scan Breast Contrast 4950
MRI Scan Chest 2950
MRI Scan Chest Contrast 4950
MRI Scan Face 2950
MRI Scan Hip Joint 3000
Knee MRI Scan  2950
MRI Scan Knee Joint Contrast 4950
MRI Scan Knee Joint Both 5450
MRI Scan Knee Joint Both Contrast 6950
Neck MRI Scan 3950
Neck MRI Scan Contrast 5950
MRI Scan Orbit 2950
MRI Scan Orbit Contrast 4950
MRI Scan Pelvis 3450
MRI Scan Pelvis Contrast 5000
MRI Scan PNS 2950
MRI Scan PNS Contrast 5500
MRI Scan Shoulder 2950
MRI Scan Shoulder Contrast 4950
MRI Scan Shoulder Joint Both 5450
MRI Scan Shoulder Joint Both Contrast 6950
MRI Scan Sialography 4950
MRI Scan Spine Cervical  2950
MRI Scan Spine Cervical Contrast 4950
MRI Scan Spine Cervical Screening 1950
MRI Scan Spine Dorsal 2950
MRI Scan Spine Dorsal Contrast 4950
MRI Scan Spine Dorsal Screening 1950
MRI Scan Spine Lumbar 2950
MRI Scan Spine Lumbar Contrast 4950
MRI Scan Spine Lumbar Screening 1950
MRI Scan Spine Whole 8850
MRI Scan Spine Whole Screening Contrast 5840
MRI Scan Spine Whole Screening 1950
MRI Scan Temporal Bone 3000
MRI Scan Whole Abdomen 4950
MRI Scan Whole Abdomen Contrast 6500
MRI Scan Wrist 2950
MRI Scan Wrist Joint Contrast 4950
MRI Scan Wrist Both 5450
Full body MRI Scan  13000

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Frequently Asked Questions About MRI Scan

What is an MRI?

Why is an MRI done?

MRI is done to diagnose various abnormalities in the internal parts of our body such as

  • Injury in brain
  • Heart disease
  • Blood vessel blockage
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Bone infection
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disorders
  • Damages in joint

MRI is frequently done to monitor the success of the ongoing treatment for certain medical conditions.

Reasons behind taking an MRI Scan

How to prepare for an MRI Scan?

Generally, there is no special preparation required for MRI scan. But sometimes to produce more enhanced image contrast dye may be given orally or injected in the vein few hours before the scan. In such cases, your doctor may ask you to fast for minimum 4 hours prior to the scan.

You will be asked to change into a gown provided by the lab. You are restricted to carry objects with metallic contents inside the MRI scan room.

Patients with metallic implants are restricted to take normal MRI scan. So to help them, an advanced technique called Maverick MRI for patients with metal implants was developed.

How is an MRI scan done?

MRI is done with the help of strong electromagnetic radio waves. The MRI machine looks like a large tube with circular magnets around it. These magnets rotate around the body part that is to be examined.

The lab technician will ask you to lie down on a table that slides into the MRI machine. Then the magnets rotate around you creating strong magnetic fields inside the body. These signals will be picked up and sent to a specialized computer located in a different room to process into images. The entire process will be monitored by a radiologist from a different room where the computer is located.

Throughout the procedure you will hear loud buzzing sounds from the machine.

It usually takes up to 90 minutes to complete the entire procedure depending on the body part to be examined.

What are the risks in MRI Scan?

Generally, MRI does not involve any possible risks or side effects. MRI test does not use any kind of X ray to visualize the internal organs. So it is completely safe because patients are not exposed to any kind of radiation.

But the use of contrast dye may lead to allergic reactions in some patients and it may also cause kidney failure if you already have any kidney disorders. So it is very important to inform your doctor if you have any known allergic reactions to the contrast material before the scan.

What are the limitations of MRI Scan?

MRI scan has its own limitations. The images may get blur if there is any movement during the procedure. So it is important to remain still throughout the scan, which is quite hard if you are sick. The patients with any metallic implants cannot take the MRI scan due to the usage of electromagnetic pulses.

These electromagnetic pulses may also affect the fetus if you are pregnant. So it is advised not to take the MRI scan during the first trimester.

How long does it take to get the MRI scan reports?

Normally, the reports will be prepared by the radiologist and will be available within 1 to 3 days of the scan.

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