MRI Scan Spine in Delhi
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MRI Scan Spine in Delhi

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About MRI Scan Spine

MRI Spine, commonly assumed as an MRI neck, involves the study of the neck (cervical), the back (lumbar), and the dorsal region of the human body. To examine the anatomy of the vertebral column, that makes up the posture of a human body, MRI of the spine is done.

MRI scans will provide a detailed image compared to other imaging techniques like X-ray. And it is also quite safe as it does not use any kind of radiation to examine the spine.

Prerequisite for MRI Scan Spine

The following are the prerequisite for an MRI scan spine if the contrast dye is used in the procedure.

  • Minimum 4 hrs fasting required before the scan.
  • Take the latest Blood Urea and Creatinine report with you.
  • In case, if you have any previous medical reports take those reports to the lab.
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