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Lowest Stress Thallium Test Cost in India!
Lowest Stress Thallium Test Cost in India!

Myocardial Perfusion/Stress Thallium is a nuclear imaging technique done to evaluate the blood flow in the heart muscles.

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The Procedure of Stress Thallium Test

Stress MPI Test in India
Stress MPI Test Cost in India

Stress thallium test is done while you exercise. Stress can be either physical or chemical which will be decided in the lab in most cases.

For physical exercise, the treadmill will be used. When patients cannot cooperate with the treadmill, then some chemicals like adenosine, dobutamine, and persantine will be used. Stress MPI performed using chemicals is called pharmacological stress MPI.

Your doctor may recommend you to take the stress thallium test to figure out the following problems in your heart.

  • Narrowing or blockages in the arteries (blood vessels carrying pure blood to other body parts) of the heart.
  • Damage in the heart due to heart attack.
  • Monitor the overall function of your heart muscle and individual muscle walls.
  • Diagnose the symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) like shortness of breath or chest pain.
  • Manage the treatment of CAD.
  • If you should undergo a coronary angiogram.
  • Whether you should be treated with a coronary stent or bypass surgery for normal pumping function.
  • Assess the heart procedure done in the past is working properly.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding women are not advised to take the stress thallium test as the radiation exposure from this test may affect the unborn baby or pass on to the growing baby through milk. However, consult your doctor before doing the myocardial perfusion scan.

There is some special preparation required for the stress thallium test. You should fast for a minimum of 4 to 6 hours before the scan and drink only plain water. Do inform your doctor about the medications you take so that he tells you to stop taking it if it alters the test results. You should not consume anything containing caffeine for at least 24 hours before the scan as caffeine can affect the accuracy of scan results.

Wear comfortable dress however you may have to change to the hospital gown given in the lab and wear shoes if you are taking the stress thallium test/stress MPI test as you have to use a treadmill. Don’t wear any jewelry or metal during the scan.

Before the scan:

The technician will place the electrodes (small metal disks) in your chest, arms, and legs connected to the machine which records your electrocardiogram (ECG). ECG helps to track your heartbeat. You will also wear a cuff around your arm to track your blood pressure. Then, the technician will put an intravenous line in your arm.

During the scan:

You will start exercising (stress thallium) on a treadmill. Patients who are not able to do exercise will be given chemicals (pharmacological stress mpi) like adenosine, dobutamine, or Persantine through the IV line placed in your arm to increase the blood flow to your heart similar to exercise.

At the end of the exercise, the technician will inject a radioactive tracer called thallium or technetium in your IV line which mixes with blood being pumped. Then, he will ask you to lie still on a table, while the gamma camera placed above captures the images of your heart from different angles.

The camera picks up the tracer and shows where blood gets to your heart and where it doesn’t.

After several hours, during the resting part (resting mpi) of the test, you will receive more amount of tracer and the images will be captured again to check your normal blood flow.

After the scan:

The images captured during stress and resting will be compared. Then, the radiologist analyses all the images, prepare a report and sends it to your doctor. Sometimes, only resting mpi or stress mpi test will be taken.

It usually takes a minimum of 3 to 4 hours to complete the MPI heart test.

Even though there is a small amount of radiation exposure, there are not many complications or risks involved in taking a myocardial perfusion scan. Some people may have allergic reactions due to the use of radioactive tracers and chemicals.

Drink plenty of water so that the radioactive tracer injected gets excreted soon through urine.

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