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Overweight (Obesity) Profile Test Price in Delhi₹ 1,900
Overweight (Obesity) Profile Test Price in Gurgaon₹ 1,900
Overweight (Obesity) Profile Test Price in Noida₹ 1,900
Overweight (Obesity) Profile Test Price in Mumbai₹ 1,900
Overweight (Obesity) Profile Testt Price in Chennai₹ 1,900
Overweight (Obesity) Profile Test Price in Hyderabad₹ 1,900
Overweight (Obesity) Profile Test Price in Bangalore₹ 1,900
Overweight (Obesity) Profile Test Price in Ghaziabad₹ 1,900
Overweight (Obesity) Profile Test Price in Faridabad₹ 1,900
Overweight (Obesity) Profile Test Price in Kolkata₹ 1,900
Overweight (Obesity) Profile Test Price in Coimbatore₹ 1,900
Overweight (Obesity) Profile Test Price in Other Indian Cities₹ 1,900

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Obesity Profile Test Price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Obesity Profile Test

What are the parameters covered in obesity blood test?

Obese people are on the verge of having medical disorders and the proper tests can help in the diagnosis of any emerging medical condition.

LabsAdvisor.com provides a comprehensive package for over weight people. This package consists of the following carefully selected tests:

  • Thyroid Function Test
  • Hba1c test
  • Kidney Function Test
  • Liver Function Test
  • Lipid Profile Test
  • Anti CCP Test
  • Vitamin D Test
  • Calcium Test

Each of the tests is explained in greater details below.

Thyroid Function Test:

The thyroid function test is required for people who are overweight. Since obesity causes inflammation of the thyroid gland, a TFT would be best. The reduced functioning of the thyroid gland causes weight gain in people.

The normal range for thyroid is between 0.5 – 5.


The test provides results for blood sugar for the last three months in a person’s body. Since obese people are prone to type II Diabetes, HbA1c detects the presence of type II diabetes in people. The normal range for Hba1c is up to 5%. For levels higher than 6.5%, people are diagnosed Diabetic. Fasting is not required.

Kidney Function Test

Impact of over weight on the kidney is maximum as high to super obese people have kidney disease and in advance cases kidney failure.

The kidney function test helps in the diagnosis of any kind of problem with the kidney.

Liver Profile Test:

Obesity has a direct effect on the body’s liver since people who are obese are highly prone to fatty liver disease. Liver function test helps in the diagnosis of the liver condition. AST & ALT Tests determine the results for the enzymes present in the liver.

Lipid Profile:

Overweight or obese people are at a higher risk of having impaired levels of lipid profile in their body. The blood lipid patterns in case of overweight persons are unfavorable. Hence, a lipid profile test is best to diagnose the results. Through the lipid test, levels for cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL and HDL are deduced.

Anti CCP:

This blood test helps to deduce the presence of rheumatoid arthritis. Since people who are obese put strain on their body joints over a period of time, they start suffering from problems like arthritis. A positive test result shows the person has arthritis. There is no requirement of fasting for this test.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D test again used for the diagnosis of the bones of the body. Since vitamin D is extracted from the fat cells of the blood, people who are obese or those with BMI more than 30 are not able to extract vitamin D properly since they have low levels of the vitamin. The vitamin D test will help in determining the bone weakness.


The blood test for calcium helps to monitor the condition of bones, teeth, kidneys and heart. Since overweight people over a long period of time in their life put strain on their bones, the vitamin C test helps to deduce the condition of the body bones.

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Who is an Overweight Person?

Before proceeding further, it is quite important to know who is an overweight person. An overweight person is one who has a BMI, i.e. Body Mass Index, of more than 25. The simple calculation of body mass index is weight of a person (kgs) divided by the height (meters) gives the body mass index. This is an indicator of how fit the person is.

Why do people gain weight and become obese?

This is the questions asked by many people who are unaware of how they have put on so much of weight. Let us help you explain some of the reasons how you are unintentionally putting on a lot of weight and what things are you doing wrong.

Unhealthy Eating Habits:

One of the common problems of gaining weight is the unhealthy eating practices which many people are following nowadays. Junk foods such as burgers, pizzas are common foods which people indulge in twice or more in a week. Sweetened foods like chocolates, pastries, cakes are other forms of unhealthy eating.

Lately the rise in number of packaged and frozen foods have also been seen which are again leading to obesity. Small children are nowadays also suffering from the problem of being overweight as parents are not paying much attention to their eating habits and letting them munch on junk food nearly twice a week.

Lack of physical activity:

Going to the gym, starting morning walks and evening exercises are few of the things which many people think about or start initially and then leave it. Appropriate level of physical activity is a must for individuals of all age groups.

Since many people don’t do physical activities or just keep on thinking about gym joining, they start putting up weight. This is simply because the amount of calories your body is getting through food is not releasing anything.

Sedentary lifestyle:

Use of laptops have become a common sight nowadays and many people have a 9 – 5 job just working on their laptops. This gives them very less time to exercise, move their body parts or simply walk around.

Sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest factors of increasing weight among people now days. Try to take breaks from your laptop in between. Walk to the neighbourhood shop and walk up and down the stairs instead of taking an escalator.

Alcohol consumption:

Consumption of alcohol leads to increase in weight and is one of the leading causes of obesity. Consumption of higher quantities of alcohol does not only lead to weight gain, but also causes damage to the liver and kidneys.

Your evening or weekend beers contain many calories and they have the potential of negating all the healthy habits you have followed during the week.

How to manage your Weight Properly?

Reducing the extra calories and managing the right body weight is definitely not a walk in the park, but there are many things you can do to improve your overall body weight.

Plan a Healthy Diet:

A tough road to go. Many people plan their diary with good healthy eating practices, which might not be adhered to completely. The best way to plan out a healthy diet is by reducing the quantity of junk food, sweets etc. This will also suffice your craving and over time you will get a better hold of controlling your sweet tooth!

Exercise & Lose the Extra Calories:

Start by including a simple brisk walk for 15 mins in the morning and 15 mins in the evening to your daily schedule. If you are already on exercise, you can go a next level by adding yoga to your daily regime.

Quit alcohol and smoking:

Smoking and consumption of alcohol not only causes obesity and other medical disorders, but also kidney failure and heart disease.

Since obesity is the root cause of many medical disorders, it is better to get the overweight blood test packages done from LabsAdvisor to diagnose the presence of medical condition, if any.

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