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Underweight Test Price in Delhi₹ 950
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Underweight Test Price in Chennai₹ 950
Underweight Test Price in Hyderabad₹ 950
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Underweight Test Price in Other Indian Cities₹ 950

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Frequently Asked Questions About Underweight Test

What are the parameters covered? 

Thyroid Function Test

Thyroid function test can detect the presence of hyperthyroidism, a condition which causes loss of weight in patients. The thyroid function test includes the measurement of T3, T4, TSH and T3RU.

Hyperthyroidism is diagnosed with TSH is below the normal level, which has a normal range of 0.5 – 6 mU/l. FT4 which is also checked during the test, has a normal range between 0.7 – 1.9 ng/dl.

Requirement: Can be done any time of the day; does not require fasting


HBA1c is done to detect Diabetes Mellitus, i.e. Type 2, which is another cause of weight loss in patients. Haemoglobin A1c has normal range between 4% – 5.6%. The reference range going from 5.7% – 6.4% shows pre – diabetic (people on the verge of diabetes/ having higher chances of getting diabetic). Level of 6.5% and higher indicates diabetes.

Requirements: No fasting required

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 test detects the amount of vitamin B12 present in the blood. Deficiency of the vitamin causes anemia. Less than 200 pg/mL indicates deficiency of vitamin B12. The elder adults who obtain value between 200 – 500 pg/mL are also categorized in the symptom range.

With a large number of people, especially women suffering from anemia, you can get the Vitamin B12 test done at regular intervals.

Iron Test 

Iron test helps to diagnose the deficiency of iron in the body. Deficiency of iron causes anemia which leads to nutritional deficiency leading the person to being underweight.

Top 7 Reasons for Being Underweight in Indians

An underweight person is approximately 15 – 20% below the normal weight in comparison to the weight and height of the average normal person. In addition to losing self confidence, people who are underweight, feel exhausted or tired easily. In many cases, lower body weight is related to lethargy, weak immune system and in some cases, even with heart disease.


Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland of the body produces excess thyroid. Excess production of thyroid hormones lead to faster metabolism in the body and significant weight loss. Due to this condition, a person can experience changes in the normal functioning of the body, including changes in the body temperature and heart rate.

A few other symptoms which are seen in hyperthyroidism patients are tiredness, bulging which is present at the base of the neck, increase in the body temperature.

Diabetes Mellitus & Insipidus (type 1 & 2)

Diabetes is also seen as one of the factors of losing weight in human beings. Loss in weight can occur due to high blood sugar, muscle breakdown or dehydration of the body. People suffering from type 1 Diabetes more commonly suffer from weight loss, however it is also seen in people suffering from type 2 Diabetes as well.

Type 1 diabetic patients don’t produce insulin and type 2 patients either don’t produce it or their body doesn’t properly respond to it. Insulin is required in the body to transport the glucose (obtained by the food you eat) to other cells and parts of the body. In diabetes patients, the different body parts don’t get adequate amount of glucose.


Cancer is also related with loss of weight as the patient suffers from loss of appetite and the inability to gain weight. Many forms of cancer are associated with relatively rapid weight loss.

HIV positive patients

Anyone who is suffering from HIV may see excessive loss of weight. AIDS is also referred to as the ‘slim disease’ which stops the body to gain any further weight and leads to considerable loss of weight.

Apart from weight loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, difficulty in swallowing food, ulcers in the tongue are few of the symptoms. If anyone is suffering from these symptoms, should get the blood test done as early possible.

Book your underweight test that includes important parameters to know the reason for your underweight.
Underweight Test includes important parameters to find the exact reason.


Lack of vitamin B12 in the body causes a condition called anemia, meaning lower amount of iron present in the blood. Close to 50% women in India suffer from the condition of anemia.

Patients suffering from anemia experience loss of appetite, which means they lose weight. Vitamin B12 blood test can be used to diagnose if anemia is caused by the deficiency of this vital vitamin.


Some people also lose weight due to depression or the tendency to think ‘life is not worth living.’ This is because they have the urge to keep lying on the bed or couch all day, and not involving themselves in any physical activity, not even simple forms of work at home.

This further reduces the interest of the person to eat. Therefore, a person suffering from depression loses a lot of weight.

Secondary Factors

There are some other secondary factors associated with loss of weight.

  • Excessive exercise: Exercise is a good method of being in shape and reducing in weight. However the body’s demand for carbohydrates, proteins and fats increases with the increase of physical activity. If the body’s demand for additional nutrients and minerals is not fulfilled, the person will suffer from loss of weight.
  • Adverse effect with medication: At times, some medicines have side effects on people. Some medicines reduces the appetite of the person which causes weight loss.
  • Enzyme deficiency: Deficiency of digestive enzymes present in the body or stomach acids can also obstruct proper digestion thus leading to weight loss.

A sudden loss in weight can be diagnosed by proper blood test to determine thyroid, diabetes, any kind of enzyme deficiency, HIV, Coeliac disease or any other enzyme condition.

How to increase your weight?

There are various ways of improving your body weight:

  1. Exercise and food balance: If you are undergoing moderate to strenuous physical activity, the body’s demand for nutrients, vitamins and minerals will also increase. Hence you need to increase your diet in accordance with your physical activity.
  2. De-stress: If something is worrying you more than required, talk to some one or take professional help to resolve the matter.
  3. Check ongoing medication: Get ongoing medication checked with a physician to see if it is reducing your appetite through its side effect.
  4. Regular health check up: Since weight loss can be a sign of one of the few health disorders, health check up is the right way to diagnose any problem.
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