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Dexa Scan Cost in Hyderabad

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Dexa Scan Price – One Site ₹ 800
Dexa Scan Price – Two Site ₹ 1,600
Dexa Scan Price – Three Site
₹ 2,400
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₹ 1,200
Dexa Scan Price – Whole Body
₹ 3,600

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dexa Scan

What is Dexa Scan?

Osteoporosis is diagnosed with the help of Dexa Scan / Bone Density Test. Osteoporosis is a condition which increase the risk of bone fracture. There will be a risk of breaking your bone more often if the bone density is less that the normal. Dexa scan examines the density of our bones.

What are the causes of low bone density?

The minerals such as calcium and phosphate is responsible to keep our bones healthy. The new bones is created by absorbing the old bones overtime. In some cases the bone mass in our body is reduced because of insufficient calcium and phosphate in the bones.

Who are more vulnerable to low bone density?

Our body reabsorbs old bones in order to create new bones during our lifetime. But if the old bones are reabsorbed at a rate higher that the rate of creating new bones, it may result in low bone density. The following people are at a higher risk of low bone density

Old people: Our body naturally stops creating new bones above 50 years of age. But the old bones are still reabsorbed reducing the bone mass in the body.

Drinking: Drinking too much alcohol may increase the risk of having reduced bone mass.

Smoking: In most cases people who smoke has low bone mass compared to those who don’t smoke.

Medical conditions: People with certain medical conditions such as Rheumatoid arthritis, chronic kidney disease and overactive parathyroid gland are also at the risk of developing reduced bone density.

Normally women are more vulnerable to the low bone density compared to men.

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How does a Dexa Scan equipment look like?

Dexa Scan uses two types of device called peripheral device and central device to examine the bone density. Both the devices are used to examine specific parts of our body.

The bone mass in the area of hip and spine is examined with the help of central device. This procedure is generally carried on in the labs.

The peripheral dexa scan is used to measure the bone density in wrist, heel and finger. This device is small with a limited space to place your foot or forearm. It is easily portable and weigh less compared to the central device.

What is the procedure of Dexa Scan?

Either the central or peripheral device is used depending on the body part that is to be examined. You can wear normal clothes for the scan.

You should lie down on a padded table attached to the scanner to examine the bone mass of hip and spine in case of central dexa scan. The scanner passes several times over the body part which is examined. The data collected will be then sent to a specialized computer to generate images. During the procedure it is important for you to stay still.

In case of peripheral dexa scan you need not lie on the table for examination. You should just place your leg or forehand in the device to examine the bone mass.

Radiated is used to get detailed image on the bone mass of your body. It may take 10 to 30 minutes to complete the dexa scan depending on the device and body part examined.

How often should the bone density test done?

Your doctor may ask you to take dexa scan every six months if you are taking high dosage of steroid medications. But for old age people it is generally recommended to take bone density test every two years to keep a check on the bone mass.

What are the risk involved in Dexa Scan?

The dexa scan do not have any potential side effects. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or expected to be pregnant as the radiation may affect the fetus.

How to prevent low bone density?

There are various factors for low bone density. By following the steps mentioned below you can prevent or slow down the bone loss in your body.

  • Having high calcium diet
  • Consume Vitamin D
  • Quit Smoking
  • Exercise regularly
  • Limit consumption of alcohol

These steps may not completely prevent bone loss, but you can still slow down the process.

What does the result mean?

Your dexa scan result will be in two numbers, namely T-score and Z-score.

T-score: T-score says whether your bone mass is high or low than the expected level. It compares your results with the normal bone density level.

Z-score: This compares your score with the normally expected level in your age, sex, weight or ethnic origin.

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