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PET Scan in Hyderabad
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If you are looking for a PET scan near you in Hyderabad, we will offer you the best price and the lab options. PET scan cost in Hyderabad can vary a lot depending on the locality and the lab brand.

PET Scan Cost in Hyderabad

The average market price of a PET CT Scan in Hyderabad is above ₹25,000.

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What is a PET CT Scan?

PET CT Scan which is also called a PET scan is an advanced nuclear imaging technique to detect tumors and cancer in the body. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT) are combined into a single machine to visualize the structure and tissues in our body.

The information on the body’s anatomy and metabolic function can be obtained in a single imaging session using a PET CT scan. PET CT scan gives information on the various metabolic or chemical changes in the tissues along with the anatomy and structure of the organs. The PET CT scan is high accurate in that it can easily differentiate between the cancerous and non-cancerous tissues.

PET CT scan is very useful in diagnosing purpose and monitoring the treatment for a specific medical condition. It is capable of detecting very early changes in the cells that CT and MRI cannot do.

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Why is PET CT Scan done?

PET CT Scan is useful in examining the blood flow, oxygen intake, tissues, changes in metabolism in our body, etc. The PET CT Scan is most commonly used to diagnose

  1. Cancer
  2. Heart disease
  3. Brain disorders


The metabolic rate in the cancerous cells is high compared to the non-cancerous cells. Because of this, the cancerous cells show brightly in the PET CT scan making it efficient to differentiate between cancerous and non-cancerous tissues.

Apart from detecting cancer tissues, a PET CT scan is highly efficient in examining the spread and monitoring the cancer treatment. But sometimes this will fail to detect solid tumors.

Heart disease

PET CT scan examines the blood flow in the heart to detect the areas with decreased blood flow. This scan is highly efficient as it measures the different levels of tissue function in the heart with the help of a tracer.

Brain disorders

PET scan is capable of detecting the level of glucose utilized by the brain. This helps the doctor to detect any abnormality and monitor the working of the brain.

It is useful in diagnosing and monitoring the various Central Nervous System disorders such as Alzheimer’s disorder, epilepsy, head trauma, etc.

Medical conditions diagnosed using PET Scan.
PET Scan in Hyderabad – Uses

How is a PET CT Scan performed?

PET CT scan machine looks similar to the CT or MRI machine. A radioactive material called radio-tracer will be either injected in the vein, given orally, or in the form of gas you inhale. This radiotracer will accumulate in the organ or area where there is a high level of metabolic activity.

You will be asked to lie down on a narrow table which will slide into the PET machine. An X-ray tube will rotate around you taking multiple pictures of your internal organ. It is important to stay still throughout the process.

The X-ray detects the area where the radio-tracer is accumulated in a large amount and where there is a high level of chemical activity.

The data collected will be sent to the computer operated by the radiologist from a different room. The computer process the data and produce a detailed image of the area examined. The radiologist monitors the whole process from a different room with the help of the speakers and microphone.

What are the risks involved in a PET CT Scan?

During a PET scan, the patient is exposed to radiation from the X-rays and the radioactive drug. However, the radiation in the radioactive tracer is limited and goes away very quickly.

This is generally considered less harmful to the body. However, pregnant women are generally advised not to have a PET CT Scan because even limited radiation exposure can affect the unborn child.

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