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Frequently Asked Questions About Genexpert Test

What is Genexpert Test?

The Genexpert Test is a rapid molecular test to detect the presence of TB bacteria and resistance to the drug Rifampicin. The genexpert TB test is fully automated and very fast compared to the standard cultures which takes nearly 4 to 5 weeks to get the results. The genexpert test helps in saving both money and time by ensuring rapid test results.

Why tuberculosis is fatal?

The tuberculosis is a contagious disease that affects the lungs. A person can get easily infected by breathing the germs present in the air which is released by an infected person in the form of tiny droplets. The TB may also spread to other parts of the body like brain and spine overtime. The TB can be categorized into Latent TB and Active TB.

The immune system in your body may control the TB and stop it from spreading to others. But it will still be alive in your body which may become active in future. This is called latent TB infection. The latent TB does not show any symptoms. So it is difficult to determine the presence of tuberculosis at an early stage.

In case of active TB, the disease is already spreading and multiplying within your body. You can now easily spread the tuberculosis to another person through cough, sneeze, etc. In almost ninety percent of the case, the active TB is caused by the activation of latent TB infection.

The active TB may cause life threatening complications like permanent lung damage if left untreated. But this is curable with an early diagnosis and treatment.

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How does it spread?

The tuberculosis is an airborne disease. You can get infected by breathing the germs which can stay for several hours in the air. The person infected with TB spreads the germs through air by

  1. Coughing
  2. Sneezing
  3. Talking
  4. Laughing

The TB spread only through air. So you cannot get infected by shaking hands, sharing foods, sleeping in same bed, etc.

How can I know the presence of TB?

The latent TB usually does not show any symptoms. But the common signs of presence of tuberculosis are

  1. Heavy cough
  2. Sweating in night
  3. Pain in chest
  4. Blood cough
  5. Fever
  6. Appetite loss
  7. Weight loss
  8. Fatigue

What is the procedure of genexpert test?

The Genexpert test does not require any special preparation. The sputum sample is collected from the patient in a disposable cartridge from the patient which will be mixed with reagent provided with the assay. The cartridge will be then placed in the genexpert machine to process which is fully automated.

The genexpert test is very fast as you can receive the test results within 2 hours where it would take 4 to 5 weeks to receive the test result in traditional culture.

Who are more prone to get affected?

 People who are more prone to get affected by tuberculosis are

  1. Old age people
  2. Children
  3. Chain smokers
  4. People with diabetics and kidney disease
  5. People whose immune system is compromised eg: HIV

Other than these people who are working or living around the tuberculosis infected patients have more chance of getting infected by the TB bacterium.

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