50% Discount on Full Body PET Scan in Bangalore

Lowest Cost PET Scan in Bangalore

Full Body PET CT Scan in Bangalore

PET Scan or Positron Emission Tomography Scan is a very advanced test that can identify cancer in different parts of the body. It has become an indispensable tool in the fight against cancer. Not only is it used to check for cancer in the body, it is also used to check the progress of treatment against cancer and recurrence of cancer.

While your doctor is in the best position to recommend PET CT Scan for you, we are here to help you find a low-cost PET Scan in Bangalore. Cancer is a big financial burden for many families and we at LabsAdvisor.com, India’s largest medical test platform are doing our bit to reduce PET Scan test cost for you.

Lowest Cost Whole Body PET CT Scan in Bangalore

You can get your full body PET CT Scan at just ₹15,000 in Bangalore when you make this booking through us. Not only do you get the benefit of this lower price, you also get ₹450 in your LabsAdvisor wallet to use for any other medical test. This cash back of ₹450 has no condition attached to it.

Call us now on 09811166231 or book your PET CT scan in Bangalore online at this link: Cost of PET CT Scan in Bangalore ₹15,000 only + 3% cash back.

Lowest Cost PET Scan in Bangalore
PET CT Scan in Bangalore at Economical Prices.

PET Scan Centres in Bangalore

There are multiple PET Scan Centres and Hospitals in Bangalore that offer PET Scan in the range of ₹20000 to ₹35000. Bigger hospitals like Narayana Hrudyalaya will charge a higher amount as compared to stand alone PET Scan centres.

We have to very renowned PET Scan Centres in Bangalore. One is called Sampige Onco Diagnostics while the other is called Isha Diagnostics. Both of them are located in convenient Malleshwaram location of Bangalore.

Procedure of PET Scan in Bangalore

PET Scan uses a radioactive tracer to identify abnormalities through a PET CT machine. Radioactive tracer interacts with the PET Scan machines waves to create very detailed vivid images of our body. Most patients will not feel any different once the radioactive material is injected in their bodies before the scan. You may have to wait for sometime for the material to get absorbed before the scan is done.

PET Scan machine is round with a big hole in the centre. You will have to lie down on a table attached to the machine. The technician will be able to move the table inside the PET CT machine to create the images we mentioned above.

Allow for at least an hour for testing. Some wait time and radioactive absorption time is also there. So overall you may account for three hours in total but usually you will be free much earlier.

For PET Scan you are required to observe a fast of around 10 hours. You may be allowed to drink water before your PET Scan. It is best to speak to the lab before you for your PET Scan to know all the requirements.

We have written a very detailed article on PET Scan procedure in Delhi. The same procedure applies for PET Scan in Bangalore. Please check out of detailed pet scan procedure for India. 

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