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PSMA PET Scan is an advanced imaging technology that helps to detect and diagnose prostate cancer. The full form of PSMA is Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen.

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PSMA PET Scan Cost in India and Lab Details

We offer PSMA PET scan in different cities of Indian. Click on the link of your city below to choose a lab and make an online booking for home collection at a suitable time.

City for PSMA PET ScanStarting Price
PSMA PET Scan Cost in Delhi₹16000
PSMA PET Scan Cost in Gurgaon₹16000
PSMA PET Scan Cost in Noida₹16000
PSMA PET Scan Cost in Navi-Mumbai₹20500
PSMA PET Scan Cost in Mumbai₹20500
PSMA PET Scan Cost in Other Cities of India₹16000

What is PSMA PET Scan?

PSMA PET scan is a combination of Computed Tomography and Positron Emission Tomography. It is an effective tool to detect the recurrence of prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy.

PSMA is performed on recently analyzed prostate malignancy patients to decide whether the disease has extended to pelvic lymph hubs. It is likewise performed on patients who have had their prostate organ expelled (prostatectomy) and have an expansion in prostate-explicit antigen (PSA) blood levels.

PSMA articulation levels increment as indicated by the stage and tumor grade just as to aneuploidy and biochemical repeat. Increasingly significant PSMA articulation is upregulated when the tumor becomes androgen-free and during hostile to androgen treatment. This trademark makes PSMA articulation evaluation especially appealing, possibly valuable as an early marker of movement and tumor heterogeneity in emasculation safe prostate malignant growth.

PSMA PET scan checking permits the streamlining of the treatment methodology. Be that as it may, to keep away from a high rate of bogus negative outputs, expectation nomograms may manage the doctor in choosing the most appropriate possibility for PSMA PET scan and to enhance its utilization. Patients with biochemical diligence after radical medical procedure speak to a fascinating subset, considering both the nearness of remaining sickness and the elite of PSMA PET scan right now.

PSMA PET Scan Information - Risk factors of Prostate Cancer!
Prostate cancer risk factors!

Duration of PSMA PET Scan

A PSMA PET scan output takes around 2-4 hours. After the completion of the test, you’ll have the option to return home. You can quickly come back to ordinary exercises notwithstanding, it is ideal to limit close contact with others (particularly pregnant ladies, infants, and little kids) for as long as 24 hours.

Prerequisite for PSMA PET Scan

  • Min. 8 hours of fasting. In the case of diabetics, stop the diabetic medications and ensure fasting blood sugar level should be 180mg/dl without taking medication on the day of the test.
  • Carry all the previous medical records, old PSMA PET-CT report & CD if any.
  • Report the lab 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time and you may be required to remain for at least 4 hours in the lab from the scheduled time.

Labs for PSMA PET Scan in Delhi

PSMA Scan is a specialised test and is not available in many labs across Delhi NCR. However, we have two very good options for you. One lab called the Delhi Institute of Functional Imaging is located in South Delhi conveniently connected with the metro and other means of transport. 

There is another very good lab located in Ghaziabad at Delhi border. The lab is called Molecular Imaging. This new lab offers the latest machines and high very high-quality testing. 

Labs for PSMA PET Scan in Mumbai

We have a renowned nuclear testing lab called Jeeyo PET CT at Ghatkopar for your PSMA PET Scan in Mumbai. This lab is located in Sarvodya Hospital premises and convenient for patients from across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

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