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Get flat 10% discount at Clumax Diagnostic Centers.
10% Off at Clumax Diagnostic Centers

Clumax Diagnostics is one of the most reputed and trusted South India’s largest chain of diagnostic service providers. It was established with a vision to suffice the need for diagnostic services including radiology and pathology tests.

In Bangalore, Clumax Diagnostics has four centers – Jayanagar, Indiranagar, Sadhashivnagar, and Marathahalli.

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Clumax Diagnostics Price List

Each of the Clumax Diagnostic centers has many modalities that include MRI scan, CT scan, Ultrasound, X-ray, HSG test, Dexa, ECHO, Endoscopy, HIDA scan, Mammography, and many more.

Clumax Diagnostics Price List.
Any Test at Clumax Centres in Bangalore at 10% Off

Below is the list of some of the most frequently booked tests at Clumax Diagnostics.

MRI Scan Cost in Clumax Diagnostics

MRI ScanDiscounted Price through LabsAdvisor
3T MRI Scan Angiography Brain Without Contrast₹9,450
3T MRI Scan Angiography Neck₹12,740
3T MRI Scan Angiography Neck Without Contrast₹9,540
3T MRI Scan Ankle Joint₹7,650
3T MRI Scan Brain₹7,650
3T MRI Scan Breast₹12,740
3T MRI Scan Chest₹7,650
3T MRI Scan Defecography₹9,000
3T MRI Scan Hip Joint₹7,650
3T MRI Scan KUB₹7,650
Full-Body MRI Scan₹33,300
MRI ls Spine₹6,570
MRI Scan Ankle Joint₹7,650
MRI Scan Brain₹6,570
MRI Scan Spine Whole₹14,310
MRI Scan T M Joint₹6,570
MRI Scan Thigh₹6,570
MRI Scan Whole Abdomen₹15,300
Neck MRI₹6,570

To know the price of other MRI scans in Clumax Diagnostics, call us at 09811166231.

CT Scan Cost in Clumax Diagnostics

CT ScanDiscounted Price through LabsAdvisor
Coronary Calcium Scan₹3,600
CT Coronary Angiography₹9,000
CT Scan Ankle₹4,770
CT Scan Brain₹3,600
CT Scan Brain Angiography₹9,700
CT Scan Bronchoscopy₹8,190
CT Scan Chest₹5,400
CT Scan Cisternography₹8,640
CT Scan Enteroclysis₹8,100
CT Scan Guided Biopsy₹4,770
CT Scan Guided FNAC₹6,750
CT Scan Hip Joint₹4,770
CT Scan KUB₹3,600
CT Scan Lower Abdomen₹5,400
CT Scan Neck₹4,770
CT Scan Pituitary₹4,770
CT Scan PNS₹3,960
HRCT Scan Chest₹5,850
CT Scan Whole Abdomen₹7,650
CT Scan Upper Abdomen₹7,200

if you are not able to find your CT scan price in the table above, feel free to call us on 09811166231.

Ultrasound Price in Clumax Diagnostics

Ultrasound ScanDiscounted Price through LabsAdvisor
DOPPLER Carotid₹2,070
DOPPLER Obstetric₹1,800
Ultrasound Breast Both₹1,800
Ultrasound Chest₹990
Ultrasound Follicular Study Single Visit₹990
Ultrasound-Guided Fnac₹1,980
Ultrasound KUB₹900
Ultrasound Level 2₹1,800
Ultrasound Neck₹1,350
Ultrasound NT Scan₹1,350
Ultrasound Pelvis₹900
Ultrasound Obstetrics₹990
Ultrasound Prostate₹1,440
Ultrasound Whole Abdomen₹900
Ultrasound Upper Abdomen₹900

To know the price of other ultrasound scans in Clumax Diagnostics, call us at 09811166231.

X-ray Scan Price in Clumax Diagnostics

X-ray ScanDiscounted Price through LabsAdvisor
Barium Swallow₹1,620
EMG And NCV Both Limbs₹4,590
EMG Single Limb₹2,160
NCV Single Limb₹2,430
X-Ray Ankle Joint AP View₹315
X-Ray AP View₹315
X-Ray Chest AP View₹315
X-Ray Coccyx AP View₹315
X-Ray Ivp₹3,060
X-Ray MCU₹3,150
X-Ray OPG₹315
X-Ray RGU₹1,980

To know the price of other X-ray scans in Clumax Diagnostics, call us at 09811166231.

Other Medical Tests Price in Clumax Diagnostics

Radiology TestsDiscounted Price through LabsAdvisor
Bone Scan₹5,100
Dexa Scan OR BMD Test – Two Site₹3,600
Dexa Scan OR BMD Test – Whole Body₹3,600
EC SCAN₹5,100
ECG Test₹270
ECHO Test₹1,350
EEG Test₹1,800
Endoscopy Upper GI₹2,250
Fetal Echo₹1,485
HIDA Scan₹5,100
HSG Test₹4,500
Mammography Breast Both₹2,250

If you are not able to find your medical test price in the tables above, feel free to call us on 09811166231.

About Clumax Diagnostics 

Medall Clumax Diagnostics is one of the most trusted and popular platforms for performing various pathology and radiology tests in Bangalore. It has been a pioneer in the South Indian lab market in MRI Technology. They focus on customer service and diagnosis accuracy. They have 8 centers spread across Bangalore that cater 1600 tests on a daily basis.

Medall Clumax has more than 45000 professional and renowned doctors committed with them. For their par excellence contribution, they have been awarded to the Best Diagnostic Company of the Year in South India By World Health Congress.

The founder of Medall is Mr. Raju Venkatraman – who has the vision to provide diagnostic facilities to all sections of society. Mr. Venkatraman is an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Due to his hard work and commitment towards providing honest healthcare Medall has more than 40% market share in South India and owns over 15 diagnostic medical centers in Chennai and Bangalore.

Benefits of booking through LabsAdvisor

The following are the benefits of booking appointments in Clumax Diagnostics through LabsAdvisor.

  • Get a flat 10% discount on the market price of any medical test displayed by Clumax Diagnostics. Obviously, you will not get that perk if you go directly to the lab.
  • Flat 3% cashback in your LabsAdvisor.com wallet, for your future test through us.
  • Ease of booking through our online portal at www.labsadvisor.com. A few clicks can help you get discounts on your test.
  • You can choose your preferred time slot or your preferred radiologist (if available).
  • In any case, if the lab faces any technical issues with the machines or the radiologist is not available then our team will inform you beforehand. We will help you book your test at some other center or date.

Book through us and enjoy the above benefits. We provide the best deals on medical tests that no one else in the entire Bangalore will offer.

Lab Timings

The following are the timings of major branches of Clumax diagnostics.

Clumax Diagnostics, Jaya Nagar

  • Weekdays- 7:00 am To 8:00 pm Saturday- 7:00 am To 8:00 pm Sunday- 7:00 am To 3:00 pm

Clumax Diagnostics, Indira Nagar

  • Weekdays- 6:30 am To 9:00 pm Saturday- 6:30 am To 9:00 pm Sunday- 6:30 am To 3:30 pm

Clumax Diagnostics, Marathahalli

  • Weekdays- 7:00 am To 8:00 pm Saturday- 7:00 am To 8:00 pm Sunday- 7:00 am To 2:00 pm

Clumax Diagnostics, Sadashivnagar

  • Weekdays- 7:00 am To 8:00 pm Saturday- 7:00 am To 8:00 pm Sunday- 7:00 am To 3:00 pm

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