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Lowest CT Scan Abdomen Cost in Bangalore!
Lowest CT Scan Abdomen Cost in Bangalore!

CT scan is an advanced, special kind of X-Ray machine, that creates detailed images of the body part under inspection. A CT scan of the whole abdomen covers the abdominal and pelvic organs of the body. These organs are liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, and adrenal glands) and the gastrointestinal tract.

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CT Scan Abdomen Cost in Bangalore

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CT Scan Abdomen in BangalorePrice Starting From
CT Scan Upper Abdomen Price in Bangalore₹2500
CT Scan Upper Abdomen with Contrast Price in Bangalore₹5100
CT Scan Lower Abdomen Price in Bangalore₹2500
CT Scan Lower Abdomen with Contrast Price in Bangalore₹4750
CT Scan Whole Abdomen Price in Bangalore₹2500
CT Scan Whole Abdomen with Contrast Price in Bangalore₹5500

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What is a CT Scan?

CT Scan is an advanced, special kind of X-Ray machine, that creates detailed images of the body part under inspection. The images are created from different angles. CT Scan generally provides more information than a normal X-Ray. It covers more body components.

CT Scan has become a very common diagnostic procedure. While it uses x rays and there is a limited amount of radiation your body will absorb, it is generally considered safe.

The process is very fast for a normal CT Scan. For a CT Scan with Contrast or CECT Scan, some time is given before the scan for your body to absorb the contrast material. We discuss the CECT Scan in more detail in a later section of this article.

What is a CT Scan of the Abdomen?

A CT Scan of the Whole Abdomen covers the abdominal and pelvic organs of the body. These organs are liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, and adrenal glands) and the gastrointestinal tract.

A doctor usually orders this test to check for a cause of abnormal pain and sometimes to follow-up on an abnormality seen on another test such as an ultrasound.

Why is a CT scan abdomen done?

There are many reasons why a CT Scan of the Abdomen is recommended. Some reasons are given below:

  • abdominal pain
  • abnormal swelling in the abdomen
  • to check for location and size of kidney stones
  • unexplained weight loss
  • infections
  • check for intestinal obstruction
  • problems of intestine including Crohn’s disease
  • injuries following accident
  • cancer diagnosis
  • blood clots in various organs of the abdomen

Are there different kinds of CT Abdomen?

There are a few options available when you go for a CT Scan of the Abdomen. There are three kinds of CT Abdomen depending on the specific area of the abdomen under investigation. They are:

  1. CT Scan Whole Abdomen
  2. CT Scan Upper Abdomen
  3. CT Scan Lower Abdomen

Depending on the study you want, CT Scan can be of the following types:

  1. CT Abdomen without contrast or Non-Contrast CT Abdomen or NCCT Abdomen
  2. CT Abdomen with contrast or CECT Abdomen or Contrast-Enhanced CT Abdomen
  3. There are CT Scan studies like CT Abdomen Dual-Phase and CT Abdomen Triple Phase

We provide more details of some of these tests below.

CT Upper Abdomen:

CT Scan Upper Abdomen concentrates on detecting signs of injury or ailment of liver, spleen, stomach, kidneys, intestines, bladder, pancreas, and adrenal glands. This scan also covers blood vessels and lymph nodes in the upper abdomen.

CT Lower Abdomen & Pelvis:

CT Scan of Lower Abdomen generally covers both lower abdomen and pelvis regions. The scan covers digestive organs, urinary, endocrine and reproductive systems.

Diseases and inflammation of small bowel, colon, prostate, bladder, female or male reproductive organs, lymph nodes, and pelvic bones are covered.

CT Scan Whole Abdomen:

CT scan whole abdomen is a combination scan that covers the entire abdomen and pelvis regions. You can think of it as a combination of CT upper abdomen and CT lower abdomen scans.

This scan, as well as the two scans mentioned above, can be done with or without contrast material. Your doctor will prescribe that. CT Abdomen with contrast is called NCCT Abdomen and CT Abdomen with Contrast is called CECT Abdomen.

CT Scan Abdomen Dual Phase:

Dual-Phase CT Scan Abdomen is a CT Scan study that combines two CT Scans. The timing of scanning for the liver and pancreas is different and dual scan CT Abdomen accounts for that.

CT Scan Abdomen Triple Phase:

Triple Phase CT Abdomen is generally done for the liver or appendix. A scan is done at three different times. Tumors of the liver show up better in this kind of scan. CT Abdomen triple-phase is done with the use of a contrast agent.

CT Scan Abdomen Angiography:

CT Abdomen Angiography is done to create detailed images of the blood vessels of the abdomen and pelvis area. It is done with a contrast medium. The test looks for the following conditions:

  • bleeding in the intestines, belly, or pelvis.
  • identification of tumors in the abdomen and pelvis regions.
  • planing treatment of cancer.
  • the abdominal pain caused due to blockage of arteries that supply blood to intestines.
  • preparation of kidney transplants.
  • high blood pressure in the arteries.
  • before surgery of the liver

What is the preparation required for CT Abdomen?

For CT Scan of Abdomen keep the following points in mind:

  • Pregnancy: Generally, a CT scan is not recommended for pregnant women as there is radiation involved. You should let your doctor know about pregnancy if a CT Scan is recommended.
  • Clothes: Wear loose clothes without any jewelry. Some labs provide their own gowns. You will be required to remove all metal from your body before your CT Abdomen.
  • CECT or Contrast-Enhanced CT: If you have been asked to get a contrast-enhanced CT of Abdomen, you will need a KFT or serum creatinine test before contrast material is injected. This is required to ensure that your kidneys are working fine. Some people may have adverse reactions to the contrast agent if their kidneys are not well.
  • Allergy: If you are aware of any allergy you have to the contrast material, let the radiology know about it.
  • Eating: Generally you should not eat or drink a few hours before your CT Abdomen. For the exact requirement, ask our team or the lab team.
  • Metal Implant: If you have any metal implant in the body, it is very important to let the doctor know about it before the scan. The radiation of the scan may cause the implant to burn.

You may need special preparation based on your condition. Please speak to your doctor or the radiologist for more information.

Are there any risks associated with a CT Scan of the abdomen?

Radiation from one CT Scan is minimal and is not known to cause adverse effects. Generally, CT Abdomen should be recommended by your doctor when she has a good reason to do so. For your own benefit, you may want to keep a track of x rays and CT Scans that you have had in the last few years.

As mentioned earlier, pregnant women and people with kidney problems may need to speak with their doctors before the scan. If you are no medication, it is generally a good idea to let your doctor know about it.

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