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MRI Spine Cost in Bangalore

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MRI Spine Lumbar Price in Bangalore/ MRI Ls Spine Cost in Bangalore ₹ 3,500
MRI Spine Dorsal Price in Bangalore ₹ 3,500
MRI Spine Cervical Price in Bangalore ₹ 3,500
MRI Spine Whole Price in Bangalore ₹ 7,000
MRI Spine Lumbar with Contrast Price in Bangalore ₹ 6,000
MRI Spine Screening (Any Spine Part) Price in Bangalore ₹ 2,000

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MRI Spine Price in Bangalore.

Frequently Asked Questions About MRI Spine Scan

What is MRI Spine Scan?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, commonly known as MRI, is a technique used to diagnose the supple organs and tissues of the human body in order to provide a precise and detailed image to the patient. To accomplish this, magnetic fields are generated to create a detailed image of the inspected tissue or organ.

MRI Spine, commonly assumed as MRI neck, involves the study of the neck (cervical), the back (lumbar), and the dorsal region of the human body. To examine the anatomy of the vertebral column, that make up the posture of a human body, MRI of the spine is done.

A massive machine is used to create a strong resonating (alternating) magnetic field, which transmits multiple radio waves to highlight the tissues and abnormalities under inspection. The machine is like a hollow cylinder, which contains a translating bed on one side (for the patient to lie on). Once the patient is on the bed, it goes inside the cylinder for the machine to generate the resonating magnetic field and thus, creating the images, which are then sent to the computer attached. Printouts can be taken to study the abnormalities further.

Why is MRI Spine Scan prescribed?

A doctor is likely to prescribe an MRI scan of the spine in case of the following factors:

  • Neck injuries
  • Constant bowing of neck at the workplace
  • Heavy lifting activities
  • Prolonged holding of the neck in a particular position
  • Repetitive stress
  • Genetic history
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Inactivity
  • Increasing pain during standing, sitting, sneezing, coughing, tilting of neck
  • Muscle weakness
  • Stiffness of neck
  • Headaches in the back of the head
  • Tingling pain or numbness in shoulders and arms
  • Loss of balance
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Chronic pain in the lower back region, right above the hip bone
  • Numbness in the groin area
  • Stiffness in mid back
  • Tingling in legs, arms, hands, or feet.
  • Loss of coordination
  • Difficulty in walking

What are the different types of machines used for MRI Spine Scan?

Immensely, there are two classifications of MRI Scan machines:

  • 5 Tesla (1.5T)
  • 3 Tesla (3T)

Tesla is a unit of strength of magnetic field used in the MRI machines. Generally, the doctor specifies which machine is to be used during the test. In case he hasn’t, any of the above-mentioned machines can be used to conduct the scan. People suffering from a fear of closed spaces (claustrophobia) tend to feel uncomfortable during the test. To overcome this, a sedative is given, or the patient has the choice to opt for an open MRI machine, which is scarcely available. To know more about the labs providing this facility, give us a call on 09811166231.

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Anatomy of Spine

The Spine, also known as the vertebral column, is divided into three parts:

  • Cervical Spine
  • Lumbar Spine
  • Dorsal Spine

Cervical Spine Also known as the neck, is the most delicate part of the entire column. This acts as a house of muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons responsible for sending messages to and from the brain, in order to control several aspects of the human body. This notably flexible, yet strong part of the spine allows free movement in all direction and allows the neck to rotate.

Lumbar Spine This lower back portion of the body contains the last five vertebrae of the spinal column. Although, it is not too unlikely for a person to have six vertebrae in the lumbar region. It is one of the major regions of the spine and is injured due to incorrect posture or too much stress due to bending.

Dorsal Spine This consists of the middle portion of the spine, joining the cervical and the lumbar spine. This is the longest region of the spine containing 12 vertebrae and is the strongest of all. Generally, sports injuries, or falling from a height leads to injuries in this region. It ends about five inches down from the shoulder blades.

Know Spine MRI Cost of different studies in Bangalore
The different Studies of MRI Scan Spine are based on the anatomy of the spine. The Spine MRI Cost in Bangalore varies depending on the study you book.

What are the different MRI Spine Scan studies available and their costs in Bangalore?

Massively, three types of MRI Spine Scan studies are available:

  • Whole Spine
  • Spine Cervical:
    1. Spine Cervical Contrast
    2. Spine Cervical Screening
  • Spine Lumbar:
    1. Spine Lumbar Contrast
    2. Spine Lumbar Screening
  • Spine Dorsal:
    1. Spine Dorsal Contrast
    2. Spine Dorsal Screening

A detailed study of the above-mentioned MRI scan types is given below.

MRI Spine Whole

A full spine MRI includes the scan of the entire vertebral column, starting from the very neck region down to the dorsal area of the spine. An MRI scan of the Spine gives the result including spinal alignment, disc height, nerves, canal size, and abnormalities. This can be done on either a 1.5 Tesla machine or a 3 Tesla machine.

Before going for the scan, one must assure the following things:

  • You should not be pregnant.
  • You should not have any skin tattoos.
  • Take off all the metal things you are wearing. Make sure there is no jewelry on your body.

MRI Spine Cervical

When the diagnosis of the soft tissues in the back of the neck is to be done, MRI scan of the cervical portion of the spine is done. Bulging discs, tumors in the bones, vascular disorders and bone abnormalities are analyzed when an MRI Spine Cervical scan is carried out.

MRI Spine Cervical with Contrast

The key difference between MRI of cervical without contrast and MRI of cervical with contrast is that, in the latter, after a certain part of the scan, a dye is injected into the vein in an arm and the rest of the scan is then done.

The patient does not feel the dye being inserted and it feels like a normal MRI scan. But few have been reported to have shown an allergic reaction to the dye.

MRI Spine Cervical with Screening

When physical examination does not lead to any conclusions, another screening of cervical spine is done in order to get a deeper diagnosis of the spinal injury or abnormality. It is very precautionary and is relatively quick.

Different studies of MRI Spine.
Types of MRI Spine.
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