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MRI Brain Scan Cost in Bangalore

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Find MRI Brain Scan Labs, Cost & Book AppointmentPrice Starting From
MRI Scan Brain in Bangalore₹ 7300 
MRI Brain with Contrast in Bangalore₹ 10500
MRI Scan Brain Screening in Bangalore₹ 4250
MRI Brain Venography in Bangalore₹ 7,300
MRI Brain with Epilepsy Protocol in Bangalore₹ 14000
MRI Brain Seizure Protocol in Bangalore₹ 7000
MRI Brain with Angiography in Bangalore₹ 9500
MRI Brain With Cisternography in Bangalore₹ 14000
MRI Brain with CSF Flow Study in Bangalore₹ 14,000
MRI Brain with CV Junction in Bangalore₹ 7000
MRI Brain with Orbit in Bangalore₹ 10600
MRI Brain with Perfusion in Bangalore₹ 10,000
MRI Brain with Pituitary in Bangalore₹ 13,000
MRI Brain with Spectroscopy in Bangalore₹ 10,000

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Frequently Asked Questions About Brain MRI Scan

What is an MRI Brain Scan?

MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is the very important diagnostic study that is increasingly used to study the soft tissues and other soft body parts. This study uses magnetic fields to create a details image of the body part that is under inspection. In case of MRI Brain, the MRI investigation is targeting the study of the brain. MRI Brain is also called MRI Head.

MRI is done with the help of a large machine which looks like a hollow cylinder. The cylindrical machine has a table or a moving bed attached to one side (the open side). The patient is required to lie down on this table and then the table moves inside the machine. The machine generates a magnetic field which generates images of the brain. These images are sent to the attached computer and then can be printed out for your doctor to study.

If you wish to book any other MRI Scan in Bangalore then click on MRI Scan Cost in Bangalore.

Medical conditions diagnosed using MRI Brain Scan.
Uses of Brain MRI Scan.

Why is an MRI Brain prescribed?

There are many reasons why your doctor may prescribe MRI of the brain. If you have any symptoms like changes speed, dizziness, seizures, changes in vision, constant headache or changes in behavior or thinking pattern, MRI brain may be prescribed. These symptoms may suggest some problems or changes in the functioning of the brain and hence MRI may be useful in diagnosis and decision on further treatment.

If you have to undergo a brain surgery, then also MRI brain may be prescribed. MRI can detect many minute areas of the brain and hence can help prepare for the surgery.

Key conditions which the doctor is trying to diagnose with a brain MRI may be:

  • Stroke
  • Inflammation
  • Bleeding inside the brain
  • An aneurysm
  • Infections
  • Tumors
  • Development problems
  • Structural problems

What are different types of machines that are used for MRI Brain?

From the perspective of the strength of magnetic field used in MRI Machine, the broad classification is 1.5 Tesla or 1.5T and 3 Tesla or 3T for short. If your doctor has not specifically asked for 3 Tesla machine, then either 1.5 Tesla or 3 Tesla machine should do the job.

Most of the MRI machines are closed at one end. People who are claustrophobic may feel some difficulty during the test. The lab may give you a sedative or you may opt for an open MRI machine. Open MRI machines are generally less in number. If you would like to specifically go for an open MRI machine, you may call us on 09811166231 to know labs that offer open MRI.

The range in prices is due to the quality of MRI machine used and the specific study of MRI you want to get done. Click 1.5 Tesla MRI, 3Tesla MRI, MRI with Contrast study cost in Bangalore to read more about price and machine specification.

Different types of Brain MRI scan studies.
Types of Brain MRI Scan.
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