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Diabetes Problem in India / HbA1C Test to Check Diabetes / HbA1C Test Cost

In this guide on HbA1c test, we discuss about cost of HbA1C Test in different cities of India. We explain about the diabetes epidemic in India, what is the use of HbA1C test and what does HbA1C test result indicate. The following points are covered:

  • HbA1C Test Cost in India
  • Prevalence of Diabetes in India
  • Symptoms of Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes
  • HbA1C Test for Checking Diabetes Status

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What is the cost of HbA1C Test?

Cost of HbA1C Test of Glycated Hemoglobin Test varies between ₹250 to ₹1000 in India. It depends on the city and the lab you choose. In the table given below you can check cost and book HbA1c Test online.

HBA1c Test In India LabsAdvisor Min. Cost of HBA1c Test in India
HbA1C Test Cost in Delhi ₹290
HbA1C Test Cost in Noida ₹290
HbA1C Test Cost in Gurgaon ₹300
HbA1C Test Cost in Mumbai ₹320
HbA1C Test Cost in Chennai ₹320
HbA1C Test Cost in Bangalore ₹320
 HbA1C Test Cost in Hyderabad ₹320

Prevalence of Diabetes in India

Diabetes is becoming the biggest health problem of India. So many Indians are diabetic that India is being referred to as the diabetes capital of the world. Over 6 crore people in India are expected to be diabetic. Diabetes can severely impact the quality of life of any individual by leading to various diseases including kidney dysfunction.

The good thing though is that if you know about the probability of diabetes onset early, you can delay it by over 5 years through proper lifestyle intervention. Before anyone becomes a full diabetic, prediabetic stage occurs.

HbA1C Test Description by LabAdvisor
Diabetes Symptoms and HbA1c test for Indians

Symptoms of Diabetes in India

People who show the following predisposition may be diabetic or prediabetic:

  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Blurry vision
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Excessive thirst
  • Family history of diabetes

Anyone above the age of 35 should get tested once a year irrespective of the above symptoms. Patients who have been diagnosed pre-diabetic should get the HbA1c test done twice a year. Patients who are diabetic should use HbA1c test quarterly along with regular monitoring of sugar levels. Proper testing along with food and lifestyle management can help you delay the bad aspects of diabetes for many years.

HbA1c Test to Check Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes

A simple test can tell you whether you are prediabetic. The test called HbA1C test or glycated haemoglobin test, measures the blood sugar level over the last six to 12 weeks. It is a simple blood test which does not even require fasting. The blood sample can be collected from your home and the report delivered on email.

HbA1C Test Levels
HbA1C InterPretation and Range

If the reading comes below 5.7% you are safe and then next test may be done after a year. If the reading is between 5.7% to 6.4% you may be prediabetic. Get the test done again after two months to be sure.

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