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CT KUB Scan Cost & Labs

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CT KUB Scan Cost.

Frequently Asked Questions About CT Scan KUB

What is KUB?

Kidney, Ureter and Bladder is the full form of KUB. These three parts forms the urinary system of our body. It is one of the important vital system in our body. It also plays an important role by maintaining the balance of water, ions, calcium and blood pressure in human body.

What is CT Scan KUB?

The Computed Tomography (CT) Scan of Kidney, Ureter and Bladder is a non-invasive imaging procedure done with the X Ray beams. It is done to detect and examine tumors, kidney stones, congenital anomalies, accumulation of fluid around kidney, etc.

The KUB CT scan obtains the image of the urinary system from different angles. It gives more information on the injury or disease in the kidney.

Why is CT KUB Scan done?

The KUB CT Scan is done for the following purpose

  • Determine the shape, size and shape of the Kidney
  • Detect kidney stones or gallstones
  • To detect any fluid or air surrounding the abdominal organs
  • To differentiate between urologic and gastrointestinal disease
Medical conditions diagnosed using CT Scan KUB.
Uses of CT Scan KUB.

How to prepare for the scan?

You should wear loose clothes during the scan. You should remove all the items with metallic content. The patient can have normal diet before the scan. But you will be asked not to eat for few hour before the test if the contrast dye is used. This test requires a full bladder to see the stones clearly. So you will be asked to drink enough water prior to the test.

It is advisable to inform the doctor if you are or expected to be pregnant. Also inform your doctor in case of any recent illness or medical conditions such as asthma, heart disease, etc. If you have known allergy to the contrast dye used, then inform the doctor about it.

How is scan done?

The CT machine looks like a large box like structure with a small tunnel in center. The technologist will be ask you to lie flat on the examination table which slides into the tunnel. Then the X Ray beams moves in circle around your body to obtain images from different angles. This gives different views of the kidney, ureter and bladder.

The computer processing these image will be located in a different room from where the technologist will monitor the scan. The technologist will be able to hear and speak with you through speaker and microphone. You should hold your breath for few seconds to get a detailed image of your abdomen. It is important to remain still during the procedure.

In some cases, the contrast agent is used to make your body parts show up better. The contrast agent is commonly know as dye. The dye is injected in the vein. It may also be given orally.

The CT Scan KUB usually takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete the test.

What are the risks involved?

The major risk factor associated with CT Scan KUB is the exposure to the ionizing radiation. It may damage biological tissue which may result developing cancer in future. In case of pregnancy it is advisable to use alternate test such as ultrasound and MRI to detect any disease in urinary system.

If the contrast dye is used, you may experience itching, swelling and difficulty in breathing. Inform your doctor if you have any pain or redness which could be a sign of other infections.

What does the results mean?

The radiologist will prepare a report on the basis of the findings from the test. The report will be then sent to your doctor who will explain it to you. Your CT KUB Scan may provide the following information

  • Calcified renal tract calculi position and size
  • Assessment of stone compostion
  • Identifying presence of obstructing calculi
  • Assessment of any infection in kidney
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