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Doppler Test Cost in Mumbai

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Carotid Doppler Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 1,480
Pelvis Doppler Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 1,480
Penile Doppler Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 2,800
Scrotal Doppler Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 1,480
Single Limb Arterial Doppler Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 1,520
Single Limb Arterial And Venous Doppler Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 3,000
Single Limb Venous Doppler Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 1,520
Both Limb Venous Doppler Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 3,000
Both Limb Arterial Doppler Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 3,000
Abdomen Doppler Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 1,600
Obstetric Doppler Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 1,755
Renal Doppler Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 1,600
Thyroid Doppler Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 1,480
Fetal Doppler Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 2,400
Doppler Test Price for Small parts in Mumbai ₹ 1,600

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Lowest Color Doppler Test Cost in Mumbai in the best labs.
Color Doppler Test Price in Mumbai.

Frequently Asked Questions About Doppler Test

What is a Doppler Test?

A Doppler test is an imaging radiology test that uses high-frequency sound waves to measure the flow of blood through blood vessels. Doppler Scan is done to detect any narrowing or blockage in the veins, check for reduced blood circulation, any bulge or clots, and other variety of conditions.

Doppler ultrasound is quite different from a normal ultrasound. A Doppler ultrasound can assess the frequency of the blood flow by measuring its pitch. It is an advanced form of traditional ultrasound. It doesn’t have any side-effect as it does not involve any use of radiations.

Who is recommended for a Color Doppler Test?

Your doctor may suggest you for a Doppler scan if they suspect any of the following

  • Blood clots in the veins or arteries
  • Any abnormal bulging (an aneurysm)
  • Improper functioning of heart valves
  • Narrowing or blockage in the blood vessels
  • Plaque build-up in the arteries
  • Poor or reduced blood circulation
  • Tumor or cyst

It is also used to detect the blood flow of the fetus during pregnancy.

Is there any preparation required before a Doppler ultrasound?

There is no special preparation required for the Doppler Scan. You can wear a comfortable dress however you may have to change into a hospital gown given in the lab and remove all the jewelry.

For Doppler ultrasound on abdomen, you have to fast for 6 to 12 hours prior to the test. Inform your doctor about the medications you take. For pelvic Doppler ultrasound, your bladder should be full so as to get accurate results.

What is the procedure for Color Doppler Ultrasound?

A Doppler ultrasound scanner is a machine that detects sound waves that echo of the body and captures it. It has an attached probe called transducer that is rubbed on the affected area and the waves bounce off your blood cells, organs, and other body parts, then back to the device. The machine has an attached computer that turns recorded waves into moving visuals.

The procedure for Color Doppler is completely non-invasive and painless. During the procedure, the sonographer will ask you to lie on an examining table comfortably. Then they will apply some lubricating gel on your affected area and rub the transducer against the skin. The produced colored images will show the frequency of the blood flow in the vessels.

Your technician may ask you to hold your breath for short duration during the scan to avoid movement. As unnecessary movement may lead to produce low-quality images.

Are there any risks associated with Doppler Ultrasound?

Doppler ultrasound is a painless and safe procedure. It does not involve any complication or side-effects. There is no radiation exposure in a Doppler ultrasound.

When can I expect the Doppler scan result?

Generally, your reports will be available in a day or two after the Doppler scan. Your concerned doctor will explain the results properly to you.

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