50% OFF on Full Body MRI Scan Price in India – From ₹9200 Only

Lowest Full body MRI scan cost in India!
Lowest Full body MRI scan cost in India!

MRI scan is a non-invasive imagining technique done to detect and diagnose various medical conditions. It is one of the most commonly used imaging techniques done to visualize the internal parts of the body.

Book your full body MRI scan at your local top-quality labs through us at up to 50% discount. The lowest Full Body MRI scan cost in India is ₹9200 only.

Full-Body MRI Scan Through LabsAdvisor

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Whole Body MRI Scan Cost in India and Lab Details

Here is the list of the whole-body MRI scan cost in India offered by 70+ labs.

Note that the MRI full-body test price mentioned may vary from the actual. Click on the link to know the updated prices and lab details. 

Find Full-Body MRI Labs & Book AppointmentPrice starting from
Full Body MRI Scan Price in Delhi₹15900
Full Body MRI Scan Price in Gurgaon₹15900
Full Body MRI Scan Price in Noida₹15900
Full Body MRI Scan Price in Bengaluru₹25000
Full Body MRI Scan Price in Mumbai₹21250
Full Body MRI Scan Price in Hyderabad₹20000
Full Body MRI Scan Cost in Chennai₹20425
Full Body MRI Scan Cost in Other Indian Cities₹9200
Lowest Full Body MRI Scan Cost in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc.
Whole Body MRI Scan Cost.

Frequently Asked Questions About Full Body MRI Scan

What does a whole-body MRI Scan cover?

Different labs offer different focus areas for full-body MRI scans. There are labs that will move the patient’s body from the head to the toe in the MRI machine while a doctor monitors the body for any abnormality.

If the doctor notices any abnormality at any specific body part, she will focus more on that body part and create more detailed images of that specific body part. For this kind of full-body MRI Scan, a doctor has to be present while doing the MRI.

Up to 50% off on Whole body MRI scan cost in India through Labsadvisor!
Up to 50% off on Whole-body MRI scan cost in India through Labsadvisor!

There are other labs that do not offer a full-body screening but we have identified that head, whole spine, and knees are the key parts that at least should be covered in a whole-body MRI.

If a patient wants to add another body part, that can be done. This is a consultation process where we define a customized full-body MRI check with the patient.

There are only a limited number of labs in Delhi NCR that offer this test. We have worked with some labs to ensure that you get a full-body MRI scan at a reasonable cost. This test is generally customized to ensure that the patient is able to request a focus on any specific body part.

How full Body MRI Scan can be done as a Preventive Health Check?

Full-body MRI Scan is increasingly used to diagnose any ailments in our body. Generally, this is not prescribed by the doctor, but the patient may want to get this test done to identify any abnormality in the body which is not being caught by blood tests or other tests.

MRI Scan uses magnetic fields to check different body parts. MRI is non-invasive and there are no known side effects. No prior preparation is required and can generally be done at a day’s notice.

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