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Standing MRI and Open MRI Price in Delhi

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Reclined Open MRI Scan Any Body Part in Delhi ₹ 5,250
Standing Open MRI Scan ( Spine Part Or Knee Joint Or Leg ) in Delhi ₹ 6,000

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Lowest Open MRI Scan Price and Standing MRI Scan Price in Delhi.
Open MRI Scan Price & Standing MRI Scan Price.

What is an MRI Scan?

MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is a test which is used frequently for assessing the situation of organs and tissues in the human body. MRI is based on magnetic field interacting with the water molecules in the body. It hence produces the images of the parts where water is available including the brain, inner parts of the spine, joints and many more areas.

Generally, MRI is like a hollow tube. On one end of the machine is a slab for the patient to lie on. The slab then moves inside the machine taking the patient in. Since this machine is closed, the patients who are afraid of closed spaces find it very difficult to get this test done. Open MRI machines provide a solution to this problem.

What is an Open MRI Machine?

An Open MRI machine is open from three sides. People who are afraid of closed spaces (claustrophobia) can get the MRI test done without anxiety in an open MRI machine. In some kinds of open MRI machines, heavyweight patients can be tested which is sometimes not possible in a closed MRI machine.

While Open MRI machines have their advantages, some people feel that the image quality of the Open MRI machine is lower than the regular MRI machine.

Open MRI machines in Delhi / Gurgaon are .2 Tesla to 0.5 Tesla in magnetic strength while closed MRI machines are 1.5 Tesla or 3 Tesla in magnetic strength.

Open Standing MRI in Delhi NCR

In an Open Standing MRI machine, a patient can get the MRI done standing up or sitting down. There are three key advantages of the open standing MRI

  • It helps reduce the anxiety of the patients who have a fear of closed places as it is open from three sides.
  • For overweight patients who can not enter the closed MRI, standing MRI offers a good alternative.
  • In MRI of spine, knee or leg, open standing MRI may be better than the closed MRI. This is because, in a standing position, spine, knee or leg are under the natural pressure of gravity. Images are better in the standing position than lying down.

We have two centers in our panel in Delhi which have open standing MRI machines – Kohli Imaging in East of Kailash has 0.25-Tesla open standing MRI machine. Mahajan Imaging in Hauz Khas has 0.5-Tesla machine.

The disadvantage of open standing MRI are two-fold – a) magnetic field used is lower than the fields used in closed machines. b) MRI Brain or Head cannot be done in a standing MRI.

Reclined Open MRI in Delhi NCR

In a reclined Open MRI machine a patient has to lie down on a slab but the machine is open from three sides. Hence the anxiety associated with entering a closed machine is greatly reduced.

We have one lab in our panel in Delhi and Gurgaon which have reclined open MRI machines – Kohli Imaging in East of Kailash has 0.25-Tesla Open MRI machine. These machines can do most MRI procedures except for MRI Chest and, perfusion and diffusion studies.

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Which are the centers that have Open MRI & Standing MRI Machines in Delhi / NCR?

We know of 5 centers that offer Open MRI & Standing MRI scans in Delhi / NCR. They are:

  • Mahajan Imaging, Hauz Khas
  • Dr. Kohli’s Imaging, Greater Kailash
  • Mahajan Imaging, Defence Colony
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