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If you are looking for an MRI brain scan near you in Hyderabad, we will offer you the best price and lab options. MRI brain scan cost in Hyderabad can vary a lot depending on the locality, lab brand and the specific MRI brain scan you are looking for.

MRI brain scan cost in Hyderabad starts at just ₹3277 and the brain MRI scan with contrast is available at ₹6000 exclusively through us. The market price is above ₹6500 so you get a discount of up to 40%.

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MRI Brain Scan Cost in Hyderabad

The cost of an MRI brain scan in Hyderabad ranges between ₹3,500 and ₹9,800 depending on the lab, location, and your study. However, you can get your MRI brain done at an exclusive price of ₹3,277 only. It is a limited period offer. You can avail of this exclusive offer by calling us or booking online on our platform. (links are given in the table below)

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Below is the list of different types of Brain MRI studies available in Hyderabad, please click on the link of the specific type of MRI study you want and you can see all the labs near you and book online.

You can also select the time slot suitable for you for your brain MRI scan. Click on the links below to book anytime, 24 hours a day.

MRI Scan BrainPrices Starting From
MRI Brain Scan Price in Hyderabad₹3,500
MRI Brain Scan with Contrast Price in Hyderabad₹6,000
MRI Brain Screening Price in Hyderabad
MRI Brain Venography Price in Hyderabad₹6,800
MRI Brain Angiography Price in Hyderabad₹8,800
MRI Brain with CSF Flow Study Price in Hyderabad₹7,160
MRI Brain with Epilepsy Protocol Price in Hyderabad₹7,660
MRI Brain with Orbit Price in Hyderabad₹6,375
MRI Brain with Venography Price in Hyderabad₹4,500
MRI Brain with Cisternography Price in Hyderabad₹8,075

If you want to know the prices of other common MRI studies available in Hyderabad, click the MRI Scan Cost in Hyderabad.

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What is an MRI Brain Scan?

MRI Brain is a non-invasive technique to visualize the brain. It helps to examine the anatomy of the brain. MRI Brain helps to detect the abnormalities in the inner part of the brain such as the pituitary gland. In some cases, a contrast material is used to get a detailed picture of the abnormalities.

MRI Brain is an effective tool to detect and diagnose abnormalities or injury in the brain and its inner part.

Why is an MRI Scan Brain done?

MRI Brain Scan gives a detailed image of the internal parts of the brain which helps doctors to diagnose various medical conditions. Your doctor may ask you to take MRI Scan Brain to detect or diagnose the following medical conditions

  • Brain tumor
  • Strokes
  • Infections in brain
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Causes of seizures
  • Disorders in the pituitary gland
  • Aneurysms
  • Swelling or inflammations
  • Developmental anomalies
  • Vascular problems
Uses of MRI Brain scan
Brain MRI in Hyderabad – Uses

How to prepare for the scan?

MRI Scan uses strong magnetic fields and electrical pulses to visualize the internal parts of our brain. So make sure that you don’t carry any objects containing metallic contents such as jewelry, watches, etc for the scan. Also, inform your doctor if you have any metallic implants during the procedure.

In some cases, a contrast dye may be injected or given orally to get detailed pictures of the organs. It is necessary to consult with your doctor regarding diet if the contrast agent is used. It is also important to inform your doctor if you have any known allergies to contrast dye or disorders like sickle cell disease prior to the test.

If you are pregnant or expected to be pregnant, consult with your doctor as it may affect the fetus. Also, inform your doctor if you have fear of closed spaces.

How does the procedure work?

MRI machine looks like a cylinder-shaped tube with large circular magnets around it. It uses a strong magnetic field and electrical pulses to visualize the brain. You will be asked to lie down on the table attached to the MRI machine. The table then slides into the center of the magnet allowing to take images of the internal parts of the brain.

The magnets rotate around the part that is to be examined. The radiofrequency pulses produced by these magnets re-align the hydrogen atoms that exist within our bodies. This re-alignment of the hydrogen atoms does not cause any chemical changes in the tissues.

When the magnetic field is turned off, the hydrogen atoms return to their normal alignment. During this, these atoms emit different amounts of energies varying with the type of tissues. The MRI machine picks the signals produced during the realignment and sends it to a specialized computer which is located in a different room.

The specialized computer process these signals to produce a detailed image of the brain. The entire process will be monitored by a radiologist from a different room. The radiologist will be able to see and speak with the patient with the help of a microphone and speakers.

It takes around 1 hour to complete the procedure depending on the type of MRI Brain study.

What are the risks involved?

MRI Brain has few or limited potential risks involved. You may develop allergic reactions due to the injection of the contrast material. There is also a slight risk of kidney failure due to the use of contrast dye. But the benefits of the MRI brain scan outweigh the risks.

What are the limitations of MRI Brain?

MRI Brain has its own limitations. It is important to remain still during the procedure. If there is any movement the images will be distorted producing unclear pictures. As the MRI uses strong magnets to visualize the internal organs, patients with metallic implants cannot take the test.

If you are pregnant, then the MRI may harm the fetus. So it is normally advised to avoid MRI during the first trimester.

The MRI scan can also be used to conduct different studies in our body. A few of the common MRI scan studies are

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