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Level 2 Ultrasound Scan in Mumbai
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Level 2 Ultrasound in Mumbai

Level 2 Ultrasound scan is referred to as USG level 2 or Anomaly scan. Level 2 ultrasound scan envisions the general advancement of your baby. It is generally performed in the second trimester (13th- 27th week) of pregnancy. 

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Level 2 Ultrasound Cost In Mumbai and Other Cities

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What you should know before taking a Level 2 Ultrasound scan 

Why a Level 2 Ultrasound is suggested?

Level 2 ultrasound scan envisions the general and overall advancement of your baby. It is done to check the following:

  • The overall development of the organs
  • The circumstance of the infant
  • Measure the amniotic liquid
  • Any abnormalities in the infant
  • Assess the mother’s cervix and vaginal canal
  • Identify the number of babies in the belly
  • Evaluate the birth defects or other chromosomal conditions, for example, down syndrome
  • Detect other internal structures, for example, umbilical string or placenta

Preparations to be made before the Level 2 Ultrasound scan?

There are no preparations required for the Level 2 Ultrasound scan. You are not required to fill your bladder for the USG level 2 scan. Your baby will be build-up or grown enough to be seen through a sonography machine.

During Level 2 Ultrasound scan you are required to reveal your tummy so wearing loose and free garments is suggested. For example, two-piece garments such as salwar kameez or pant and top.

Prior to your test ensure that you do not apply any ointment on your belly.

How is the Level 2 Ultrasound scan is done?

  • USG Level 2 scan is performed on your stomach and your sonographer may take 20-30 minutes to complete the scan
  • 2D images of your fetus are produced by identifying the sound waves through the ultrasound machine.
  • To track the baby’s movement and development a transducer (a medical device used to detect sound waves) rubbed against your stomach
  • The real-time images of the baby are shown on the screen connected
  • You will be required to lie down on an examining table. The sonographer will apply the lubricating gel to your womb.
  • The friction while rubbing the transducer will be reduced due to the gel applied
  • To track the baby’s features the sonographer will move the transducer accordingly
  • The transducer captures the images as sound waves bounce off your baby’s organs. A connected screen displays the visuals.
  • The sonographer tries different angles to get detailed images and gather all information regarding the developing baby.
  • The features and measurements of the baby are taken from head to toe when they get a clear visual.

What Level 2 Ultrasound displays about the baby?

Level 2 ultrasound produces the overall development of your growing baby. The doctors can examine the following using the Level 2 Ultrasound scan:

  • Assess the right position and size of the baby
  • Examine the condition of the baby in the mother’s womb
  • Check the placenta, the amniotic liquid, and the umbilical string
  • The functioning of the baby’s heart is evaluated
  • The bones in the spine of the baby are examined
  • Identify if the mother is carrying twins
  • Examine the baby’s head and limbs are well organized
  • The number of toes and finger of the baby is evaluated
  • The development of abdominal organs such as kidneys are assessed
  • Chromosomal abnormalities of the embryo are examine
  • To check whether the baby has a cleft lip
  • Estimate BPD (Biparietal Diameter), AC (Abdominal Circumference), and FL (Femur Length or thigh bone) and HC (Head Circumference)

The sonographer will help you to understand the real-time pictures created during the scan as it is difficult to figure out the baby’s organs. Usually, the bones emerge brighter in the pictures while the soft tissues will look dark in color. The amniotic liquid around your child will be shown as dark in color.

The results are made available in a day or two. The doctor will be good to go to clarify the results thoroughly.


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